A Room Refresh

Every year January hits I always do the same thing without fail and that is have a re-organise of my bedroom. There is nothing better than having a good old tidy up and clearing away some of the clutter than had gathered over Christmas. Interior posts are always some of my favourites to put together and read so here is what I've changed in my little room refresh. 

With a few new books for Christmas I couldn't wait to get arranging them on my desk as that is where I like to display my latest reads oh so proudly. #GIRLBOSS is currently residing on my bedside table as you can see and it's what I'm currently reading. If you were wondering my thoughts on the book, it's absolutely fantastic and such an inspirational book. This amazing lady built a million dollar company without borrowing a dime. So if you were thinking whether to pick it up or not I would say YES, especially if you're self employed as you will feel so empowered after giving it a read. 

My boyfriend found this amazing one of a kind rabbit illustration for me as one of my Christmas gifts and I couldn't wait to find a home for it. I've been adding so much more artwork to my room recently and it makes my space feel super homely as well as bringing some life to the white walls. I've also been re-potting a lot of my cactuses and I can't get over this new addition from Orla Kiely , another gift from my boyfriend seriously that guy is the king of gifts. As I recently fell in love with Mad Men it just reminds of all decor in the show and I'm a sucker for enamel. Finally I gave my shelve a little re-jig and changed my Rifle Paper Co garland to say something new, just a little reminder to myself that when things get tough just to keep on doing what I'm doing.

Have you refreshed your decor recently?

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