The Little Things I've Done That Changed My Life

Over the course of writing this blog my life has completely changed and I don't mean in the ways that you might be thinking. Since I've been writing From Roses I've really figured out who I am as a person and I've done a lot of little things that have completely changed my life. When I graduated I was completely and utterly lost, I'm not ashamed to admit that and I was really unhappy because of it. When I finished university I thought I had it all together and knew exactly what I doing, funnily enough I didn't and I soon came down to the reality. A lot of things have happened in the past 5 years that have changed and moulded me as a person and here are some of things that I've done to make some of those big changes: 

I stopped wanting: I've written a post about how I used to have a really terrible relationship with money and I was your textbook emotional shopper. Not having a ton of cash since graduating has taught me so many lessons, I've stopped wanting so much and learnt to be really grateful for everything I do have. Shopping has really lost it's appeal lately, I've been so much happier when I've been saving money than wasting it on things that I really don't need.

I stood up for myself: Throughout school and university I was one the biggest walkovers you would ever meet. I never stood up for myself or what I believed in and just let people get away with things that really weren't very nice. It took me a very long time to finally stand up for myself but once I did I suddenly gained a lot more respect for myself  and this is something that is also super important within the online world. 

I let people go: This goes hand in hand with standing up for myself. Especially within the past year I've let a lot of people go from my life because they weren't good for me. Turns out a lot of people who I thought were my friends, really weren't and it was really pretty tough at the time but I would rather have one true friend then ten who bring me down at any given chance because they aren't friends. 

I opened my mind: I was brought up in a reasonably conservative house hold and I had never really experienced anything too adventurous. I used to be absolutely terrible for judging people and I don't think that is a very nice trait to have. Over the years I've really started to open my mind a lot more and more importantly learn more so I can properly form a decision on things instead of just being ignorant. Nowadays I have a completely different mentality and I have pretty liberal attitude towards things which in turn has made me a much happier person.

I stopped comparing myself: This is something that we all do and it can manifest into quite an unhealthy obsession. The day that I realised that there is no point comparing myself, life or relationship to anybody else was a good day. No two people will ever have the exact same circumstances or wants so we can never be compared to anyone else, that is the great thing about being individuals.  Comparison is the thief of joy. 

I let go: Over the past few years a lot of things have happened that have made me pretty angry. My family and I haven't really had much luck in the health department and for a long time I had so much internal rage about it all. Being angry and upset won't change anything that is going on, it will just make it feel so much worse than it needs to. 

I stopped depending on others: By far one of the biggest things that I've changed in my life is my dependancy on other people. During university I was in a really serious relationship and my entire life revolved around that person and when we broke up I felt like my life had ended because I had depended on him for everything. It was one of the hardest lessons to learn but depending on somebody else too much is never good for you in the long run and nowadays the only person I  truly depend on is myself. 

I took control: For a large part of 2013 I felt like I had absolutely no control of anything what was going on in my life. My health in particular spiralled out of control and even though now there is nothing I can do to really change that I can control how I feel about it in my head. Nowadays I feel like I actually have a grasp on what is going on and I'm the one in control and it has made me so much happier to feel that power. 

I surrounded myself with positive people: This one is especially important for the online world. I stopped following or muted negative nasty people because it was putting such a dampener on my day that I was starting to become negative too. Of course we all like to have a whine online from time to time and that is fine but I'm talking about the people who constantly write negative things about others, no one needs that in their life. 

I stopped worrying so much: Although I definitely do still worry gone are the days I was up till 5 in the morning worrying about absolutely everything I could think of. Life is completely unpredictable and if I worried about everything that could go wrong then I would never leave the house again. For those who do worry a lot I know it's incredibly easy for me to say try and relax a little bit more because it doesn't work that way does it. I wrote a full post on the topic here

What things have you done to change your life? 

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