Beauty Products I Need To Use More

After having a good tidy up of my beauty stash a few days a go I found a few items that I definitely need to use more often. They've done nothing to upset me yet they I don't find myself picking them up as much as I should. I'm sure we all have items like this in our collection and even though we love them we just don't use them as much as we should and here are a few of mine. 

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation: A couple of years ago this was my go to base and I'm ashamed to say I've been letting it gather dust in my dressing table for the past few months. Lets not the discuss the obvious flaw about this foundation which is that it doesn't have a pump, why Revlon why? Packaging flaws aside it's a really great base for everyday which offers a light to medium coverage and like the name suggests is naked on the skin. 

Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation: In my defence I would use this so much more if it was a better colour match to my skin as in the winter when my skin is at its fairest it's pretty much a no go. However in the summer it's absolutely ideal and it's such a great base or setting powder as it really stays all day. It goes over any spot without clinging or making any dry areas look cakey which is something I've always worried about with mineral make up.

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No15: By far the longest lasting fragrance in my collection, it lasts so long on the skin that if I get some in my hair I can still smell it for another 2-3 days after the original spritz. This is such an unusual scent which is probably why I love it so much because I don't know of anything else quite like it. It's pretty strong so you really don't need to spray a lot which is something you want in a luxe fragrance as you really get your moneys worth. 

Topshop Powder Blush: I'm annoyed at myself for not wearing this more in the past few months because it's the perfect shade for the season. Against my green eyes it's one of the best blushes against my skin tone and I always think that the Topshop blushes are completely underrated as they are super pigmented and long lasting for the price.  

L'Oreal Gelmatic Superliner*: Eyeliner is one of the areas in my beauty routine that I'm always pretty slack with. In general I'm pretty lazy when it comes to my eye make up as I'm a champagne shade and lashings of mascara kind of girl but whenever I just smudge a little bit of liner into my water line I always love the way it looks. I've made a little pact to myself that this will the year that I finally get the knack of applying winged liner though so we will see how that one goes. 

Clarins Gloss Prodige: I think I've probably smelt this lip gloss more than I've worn it but might make me sound completely mad but hey it smells like cake and who can resist that? Even though I love the formulation of this gloss because it isn't sticky or gloopy I just never find myself reaching for it that often which is a shame as it's such a pretty shade. 

MAC Cut A Caper Lipstick: This is a limited edition shade so I know that is the reason that I try to keep wear to a minimal but that is just so silly, lipsticks are there to be worn not looked at. I really hope that they bring out this shade again as it's the only peachy pink that I've ever truly loved and I think the finish of the MAC Lustre lipsticks is one of the best. 

What beauty products do you need to use more?
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