Taming Tangly Tresses

The longer my hair gets the more it becomes like a birds nest attached to my scalp. Now I've planted that lovely image into your head let me explain what has been happening with my tresses recently. Without realising my hair has got pretty long, I'm almost a mermaid if you catch my drift and long hair in winter isn't the greatest combination. Between the wind, scarfs and air conditioning my hair hasn't been very happy and it's been punishing me by knotting itself into oblivion. So here is how I've been taming my very tangly tresses: 

Maintain: I've been a little slack with the haircuts recently (5 months is more than a little slack) and I was in dire need of one. When you're growing your hair the word hair cut can induce a cold sweat in a matter of seconds but it's so important to keep things looking healthy. If you've got thick hair it's vital to have it regularly thinned out as it prevents it from becoming so knotty when the weight has been taken out of it. Since having a good tidy up I've been finding that my hair has been so much better, it doesn't look all that different but the way it feels is unrecognisable. 

Brush: If you've read any of my hair related posts before you will know I'm not a big fan of brushing my hair in fact I avoid it at all costs. However it does need brushing and I will always be fond of the Tangle Teezer* in particular the Aqua brush, it really gets down to those deep knots. I try not to over brush as that can lead to unnecessary breakage but twice a day is my new rule to avoid any dreadlocks forming. 

Treat: The drier my hair is the worse the knots, silky smooth hair might not hold volume but it doesn't form it's own environment for birds to live in either. As I only wash my hair twice a week max I'm quite liberal with the deep condition. One of my favourites is the L'Oreal Eversleek Deep Conditioner, it's awesome at really hydrating my hair and preventing any frizz or static. To add another dose of hydration I spritz the OGX Kukui Oil Spray* through freshly washed hair and it really helps to lock in that moisture. 

Style: Before I dare run a brush through damp hair I always make sure to spray in the Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Primer* this works as a de tangler and a heat protector. It lets my Tangle Teezer* run through with ease so that I'm not yanking at my scalp or causing any breakage. Between washes I make sure I apply oil on the ends everyday and I'm using the Keratasé Elixir K Ultimate Oil* which smells absolutely divine, it's quite a dry oil so it doesn't add too much moisture to the hair but it still makes everything super smooth and a lot less knot prone.

Do you have any tips for dealing with tangly tresses?
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