Stationery Staples

My name's Rebecca and I'm completely addicted to stationery. I feel like it's pretty important to point that out before I continue with this post, From Roses could probably be a blog completely dedicated to my love for notepads, pens and paper gsm. Working from homes means I can divulge in my little slightly large obsession even more and here are some of my stationery staples: 

Diary: I've always had some sort of diary ever since I was a child and we had to have a homework planner at school which I just loved. For 2015, I have two diaries, one from Muji and one from Leuchtturm 1917, one is for A Little Opulent and then one is blogging, freelance work and general life stuff. Even though I have an appointment calendar and numerous iCal profiles I don't think you can beat having a diary.

Notepads: This is where my obsession really thrives, I have a lot of notepads on the go for all my various projects. I plan everything I do on those pages and I don't think I will ever be able to work any other way, when I write things down I get a much better grasp on them. I'm a sucker for a notepad with a good paper weight so that I don't have to worry about what pen I use and I've got a real thing for soft cover notepads at the moment, I like seeing how the spine creases as you go along. My favourites are from Rifle Paper Co, Paperchase, Muji and Moleskine

To Do Lists: I write lists for anything and everything. Either in the evening or morning before I've started my day I will jot all the things down that I have to get done that day. I don't like to make the lists too long because I find them a bit daunting then. Muji and Rifle Paper Co are my go to shops when I'm in need of a new one. 

Pens: I've got to have some good pens, to write in my many notepads haven't I? Gone are the days where I used a simple Papermate Biro. If I do use a biro I use the Livework ones, I love the pastel shades that they're available in. Muji 0.7 gel pens are absolutely amazing to use and are quick drying as who has time for ink to dry these days? Of course, I'm a sucker for Sharpies and I love the metallic shades, but they do tend to dry out a little if not stored upside down. Last year I delved back into my childhood and picked up some Uniball scented and metallic gel pens and yes they are as good as you remember. 

Labels & Washi Tape: Over the years I've enjoyed adding a little bit more to my many pages of notes with the addition of labels, Cath Kidston and Rifle Paper Co do some absolutely adorable ones. I try to find cute post it notes when I can, but it's rare to find some that aren't neon green. Washi tape is something that I can't get enough of, I love attaching my to do lists to my notepads with it. 

What are your stationery staples?
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