Things That Make Dull Skin Glow

We're in the real throws of Winter here in the UK and my skin is definitely paying the price for the icy cold days we're encountering. It makes the miss the blistering hot days of summer just to have a little bit of a natural glow back (glow realistically being sweat) but with a good products I've been managing to give my dull complexion its glow back. 

Skincare: Exfoliants are my best friend all year round but particularly in A/W. By far my favourite exfoliating mask, I've ever come across, is the Jurlique Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator*, it gets to work within a matter of minutes and leaves you with a much brighter and clearer complexion and can really help with blemishes too. As well as a good exfoliant I've become a little obsessed with this pot of hyaluronic acid from Dr Jart*. Don't be scared by the word acid because it's actually something we already have inside us. This helps my skin remain plump and healthy so long gone are the days of sad sallow looking skin.

Primer: Something, that sits in between a primer and a sort of moisturiser, is the Elemis Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm. Personally I like to use this after my skincare and before makeup to just tighten and brighten everything up, I don't know what this stuff contains but it's like magic. Although I don't think it makes my makeup last any longer it just makes everything look a whole lot better. 

Makeup: I prefer to take the extra steps in my skincare to help my skin look better than to try and fix it by piling on the makeup, but there a few items that really give me an extra glow. Number one being an illuminating powder, I still need to set everything into place but by using something that can lock things down as well as brighten, is the best option for me at the moment. The MAC MSF in Lightscapade is great but if you're looking more a budget option than the Bourjois Java Rice Powder is also lovely. An inner corner highlight is another must for me, I love it all year round but particularly when I'm not looking my best and just a quick dab of the MAC Shroom brightens my eyes in seconds. Finally, by swapping your powder blush for a cream one that can really transform your whole makeup look. It makes everything look a lot more radiant without looking too obvious, Topshop do some great ones with some really pretty shades available. 

What do you use to give your winter skin a boost?
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