More Shows I've Been Binge Watching

Over the festive period when I had some time off work I did a lot of binge watching, my boyfriend and I could win Olympic medals in it, we are just that good. So of course I just had to share what I've been watching in case you're in need of a new series or two to divulge in. 

Desperate Housewives: This was available on Netflix before they cruelly took it away. I watched all of this when it was on TV and it still remains as one of my all time favourite series to watch. With some interesting plot lines and somewhat relatable scenarios, I don't think there is anybody out there who doesn't have a small soft spot for Wisteria Lane. Oh and, of course, can we take a moment for the hunk that is Mike Delfino.

Bates Motel: My best friend suggested this to me and it's a small series based on the classic horror Psycho. I whizzed through this in a matter of days because there are only 10 episodes and it gets pretty addictive within the first episode and you get sucked into the world of Norman Bates. Although it's based on a horror I wouldn't say that it's particularly scary at all so is suitable for everyone really. 

Educating Essex & Yorkshire: Seriously long term readers of From Roses will know that before I went into the wonderful world of self-employment that I used to work in a school. If you've not watched these two documentary series that I highly suggest you do because they are fascinating, there is something so different seeing a school like that and even though I worked in one you forgot just how much goes into that job everyday. Teaching is not for the faint hearted at all.

The Undateables: I'd always seen this advertised on Channel 4 but never actually watched but after the first two seasons were put on Netflix I thought I would give it ago. In short, it's a documentary based on adults who have learning difficulties or disabilities which can make meeting people and dating tricky. It's hard not fall for the people on the programme and I've caught myself shedding a tear more times than I care to admit. It really opens your eyes to those who suffer from learning difficulties and having disabilities and takes a lot of the awful stigma away from them.

Top Gear: Not quite the programme you'd expect me to be writing about is it? I have absolutely zero interest in cars at all but the comedic value of this show is on another level and I've got the tiniest crush on Richard Hammond. The Christmas specials are always my favourites to watch and going through the back catalogues on Netflix has made my evenings far too enjoyable.

Hard Life: Ok so I might have become a seriously, tad obsessed with Netflix prison documentaries and I'm currently working my through everything they have to offer. Probably my favourite so far is a series called Hard Life, this tracks a few prisons in Atlanta, Georgia and it's fascinating. It shows you all aspects of prison life, even the really nitty gritty areas.

Mr Selfridge: This comes back onto our screens soon enough and I cannot wait, this is based on the story of Harry Selfridge, of course the founder of Selfridges. Jeremy Piven plays Selfridge and I'm going to be honest here, he's a silver fox. If you're into historic dramas then I highly suggest giving this a watch. 

What have you been watching recently?
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