4 Mid Week Pick Me Ups

Whenever Wednesday rolls around I always feel like I need a pick me up. My energy levels always start to droop and unless I want to start having afternoon naps at my desk then I like make sure I set aside some time to treat myself and refresh. There are 4 easy steps that are guaranteed to pick me back up and here are my current favourites: 

Hair Mask: As I only wash my hair every 4 days I always like to treat my tresses to a mask, I've recently re-discovered the Bumble and Bumble Deeep Mask*. Whenever my ends are in need of some TLC leaving this on for around 10 minutes helps them feel so much stronger as well as super smooth and silky. It's a pricey option but such a beautiful treat on dry winter hair but if you're after something that won't hurt your bank balance too much then the L'oreal Ever Sleek Smooth Intense Mask is awesome. 

Face Mask: As well as my hair needing some moisture injected back into it my complexion is in severe need of that too. During the winter, I tend to reach for something more hydrating over something that is deep cleansing. One of my favourite quick fixes is the Una Brennan Intense Moisture Mask, I love the rose scent. You only need to leave this on for 5 minutes to notice a difference and my skin always looks so much more plump and radiant after using it. 

Body: I've used moisturisers and oils on my body plenty of times but I've never used a serum before. I've been giving the Therapie Skin Repair Serum* ago my legs have never felt so nourished, I've been suffering from a lot of nasty bruises and this has really helped to take down any swelling. If you've had a long day and been on your feet a lot this is a great way to treat yourself. 

Nails: I can guarantee that by Wednesday I will have either got bare nails or a horribly chipped paint job. Giving myself, a fresh manicure always lifts my mood as there is nothing better than having shiny nails again. I've been loving the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Shade in Elderberry, it's a great shade to wear when you don't fancy something either super dark or really bright. 

What do you like to do when you hit the mid-week slump?

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