Shades That Suit Green Eyes

Over the many years, that I've been experimenting with makeup I've quickly learnt which shades really enhance my eyes and which ones don't. Anything with a really strong pink tone doesn't work well for me, to be honest it makes me look like I've got a rather unfortunate eye infection. Purple and cool shades are another story, they really compliment and bring out all the tones in my eyes as well as sitting well against fair skin and here are some of my favourites. 

Eyes: Oh how I want to love real rusty bronze shades but they simply don't work for me, something that is cool in tone is perfect, however. Anything with a purple or grey undertone is stunning, applying the wrong shade makes me look ill and sucks all the life out of the area which isn't a look I tend to go for.  

Blush: I've got a good mixture of cream and powder products in my stash which happen to all be purple and berry toned. Shades that I would have been completely petrified of a couple of years ago but now I've got to grips of how to apply them I always find myself reaching for them in the A/W months. The key is to apply them with a light hand otherwise you can look slightly terrifying but on pale skin I think it's a beautiful contrast. 

Lips: If I've gone for more of a minimal look with the rest of my makeup I like to make my eyes pop with a bold lip colour. Red's are a great option but only if they are cool toned, anything with an orange undertone is totally unflattering but anything with a blue or berry base is a total winner. Bright pinks can work well too but be wary of anything with a really yellow undertone. 

What shades do you pair with green eyes?
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