4 Ways To Switch Up Your Hair Washing Schedule

Some of you might be wondering why on earth I'm writing a post on my hair washing schedule but hear me out. Whenever I tell people that I only wash my hair every four days, I usually get the same question of how? How do you go that long without washing? For 20 years I washed my hair every single day without fail, my hair used to get so greasy so quickly and I didn't think there was a way that I could ever miss a hair wash. I never knew that you could train your hair out of any hair washing pattern you might be in and this is how I did it.

1: Start off small: There is no way you can suddenly decide that you're going to go from washing your hair every day to every four days. It just won't work and you will be left with disgustingly greasy hair that no amount of dry shampoo can save. Start off small by only skipping one day and then once your hair has got used to that go up to two days and so on, you will be amazed how your hair adapts.

2. Don't over hydrate: Of course, we all want dreamy soft hair but it's important not to overload it with hydrating products. If your hair isn't in really bad condition then chances are it doesn't need deeply nourishing treatments all the time as it will only end up being greasy. My favourite shampoo and conditioner are the Bumble and Bumble Seaweed range* it keeps my hair super clean, nourished and incredibly shiny.

3. Only use dry shampoo when you really need it: It's tempting to spritz in a little bit of Batiste on first day hair to give it a little bit of grit but the longer you leave it the longer your hair can go without washing. The more I use dry shampoo the worse my hair feels and actually speeds up the washing process.

4. Stop touching your hair: Something I definitely need to take my own advice on because I'm forever playing with my hair, pretending I have a moustache with it and so on. I try and put my hair up as much as I can as then I'm not tempted to play around with it and spread the dirt from my hands into my tresses.

Do you have any tips to go longer in between washes?
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