When You've Lost Your Way In Blogging

Lately I've been feeling a little lost in the big old blogging world, things have changed so much since I started out and now there is a whole lot more to consider. There are endless possibilities which is amazing but can also be a little terrifying and it's easy to lose your way. I've been slowly trying to get myself back on track and here are some of the things that I've been doing to help.

Stopped scheduling so far ahead: There have been points where I've had blog posts planned up to two months ahead and it was really sucking the fun out of creating. As much as I like and enjoy having a solid plan in front of me I really missed having the wiggle room so from now on I'm going to leave myself some open days in my schedule for those last minute post idea's. 

Remembered why I started: My blog started out as something to focus on other than university. I could have never ever imagined it evolving into what it is today it blows my mind that over 14 thousand people are interested in what I have to say. Having an audience brings responsibility and it's important to bear them in mind as well as my own happiness when putting content together. 

Gone back to basics: It feels like we're all in this never ending race to think of the most amazing innovative content ideas that it's easy to forget that some of the best posts are the one formed from simple ideas.

Found like-minded people: The most amazing thing about the blogging community is being able to talk to people who are on the same wavelength. That is the joy of comments and Twitter, blogging can feel super lonely at times but there is a whole community out there.

Done what works for me: Blogging advice is everywhere now and a lot of it is incredibly structured which might work for some people and but it's not for everyone. Sometimes you don't need a niche or a calendar, you can make what you want of a blog, there is no set way of how to do it. 

Removed any negativity: There are plenty of awful people in the blogging world who do nothing but spread negativity. When you surround yourself with it then it can easily start to change the way that you feel and put a dampener on something that you love doing. 

Stopped comparing myself to others: I'm pretty sure this is something that we've all done. There is no point in comparing myself to other bloggers because none of us have the same story or the same goals in mind. 

Written posts I would want to read: It can be super easy to feel like we need to follow the crowd when we think of what we want to write about. But, if you want to write a post on how much you love serial killer documentaries then I say do it! There will always be somebody out there who can connect with what you're writing. 

Do you have any advice for when you might feel lost? 

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