A Good Skin Day In A Bottle

Even now that my skin is pretty much under control and breakouts are rare I still have those days where my complexion needs all the help that it can get. Those are the days that I turn to my good skin in a bottle products, the bases that help conceal any blemishes and make me look a lot more awake than I actually am. I've accumulated quite a few over the years and here are some of my favourites that suit a wide range of budgets. 

YSL Youth Liberator: The priciest out of the bunch but my most worn base out of 2014 so it was well worth the splurge. A gel consistency that offers a few skincare benefits as well, it has a beautiful level of coverage that can be built up with ease. Even with a high level of coverage it leaves a satin finish to the skin that adds a lot of luminosity but not so much that it draws attention to any area's that you want to stay concealed. As always with YSL bases it is fragranced, so if that is something you are sensitive to then this might not be for you. 

Rimmel Match Perfection: I think this line from Rimmel is the best option for us pale girls on the high street. Colour range aside this is a fantastic base for under £7, it's great on those days when your skin isn't quite sure what it's doing. It's hydrating, but it doesn't slip and slide off oily skin and lasts reasonably well throughout the day. It helps achieve a healthy well slept glow and feels incredibly light which is why it's ideal for every day. 

Laura Mercier Silk Creme: This was my first high coverage love and it's what I reach for when I know my skin isn't looking it's best and I need my base to last all day. Even though this is incredibly high coverage it never masks out the complexion or looks heavy, which is never a desirable look. It's a thick creme consistency so even though it's an expensive purchase you need so little that one tube can last a good 18 months with everyday use. 

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat: How many times am I going to tell you that this is a good nights sleep in a bottle? Well, here is another to add to the tally. It's the sheerest coverage out of the bunch, but I still find it offers enough to help you fake a good skin day. It's beautiful to apply and is incredibly hydrating on parched winter skin, paired with a primer and powder you've got yourself a base that will last all day. 

L'Oreal True Match: My favourite thing about this base is that it's very much like skin, it looks incredibly natural. Even if you build this up to be really full coverage it never looks un-natural or starts to gather which is hard to come by with a lot of budget bases. It has great lasting power even on oily skin days so this is something that I love to wear in the summer as it feels so natural. 

What is your good skin in a bottle product?
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