15 Things I Like To Do On A Sunday

Sunday is my favourite day of the week, by far. Even though I always have a working weekend I find that Sunday's are the perfect mixture of productive and relaxing, everything I do is just a little slower and less manic and here my favourite things to get up to.

  1. Sit and organise my calendar for the week ahead. 
  2. Reply to all emails, starting the week off with a fresh inbox is just the best. 
  3. Catch up with all my favourite shows. 
  4. Take Bella out to Sherwood Forest. 
  5. Do pilates. 
  6. Plan out what I need to get done in the next 7 days, writing a separate list for each day.  
  7. Make pancakes. 
  8. Wash my makeup brushes. 
  9. Change my bedding. 
  10. Take photographs. 
  11. Rotate the beauty products that I'm using. 
  12. Write posts and think of features.
  13. Clean my desk, mainly to get rid of all the custard cream crumbs. 
  14. Tend to all my cactuses. 
  15. Read.
What do you like to do on a Sunday?
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