A Seasonal 3-Step Facial

A 3-step facial is something that I absolutely love doing, it's usually on my list of things to do on a Sunday. It's a concept that I've been practicing for quite a while and I tend to switch it up depending on what season we're in. It's still pretty cold here in the UK so I need a big boost of hydration, as well as a pick me up for my wind battered complexion and of course something that is deep cleansing. So here is a rundown of my current 3-step facial: 

Cleansing: After many, many years of hearing how amazing the SuperMud Glamglow Mask* is I've finally been able to try it myself and everything you've heard is true. Along with the Aesop Parsley Seed Masque this is by far the best deep cleansing mask I've ever used. My skin has never been left so clear, particularly the pores around my nose, completely free of anything lurking. It doesn't set down to that really uncomfortable cracking stage either so is super easy to remove and doesn't leave you with red aggravated skin afterwards. 

Brighten: If you're a sensitive skinned girl who doesn't fancy using an exfoliating mask to brighten up your complexion then the Origins GinZing Refreshing Face Mask might just be for you. It's a really cooling gel consistency which is ideal to use straight after something that is deep cleansing. I'm not quite sure how this stuff does it but my skin always looks so much clearer and a whole lot healthier after applying this 10 minutes yet it's so kind to the skin.  

Hydrate: Overnight hydrating masks are slowly becoming my favourite things, if you're lazy like me then say hello to your new best friends. This Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask* from The Body Shop is a product that is pretty intriguing, above all else. It's such an odd consistency, it's literally bouncy, like jelly and it's pretty tricky to get hold of. I always worry about overnight masks either making a mess of my pillows or breaking me out like crazy but I'm happy to say that this does neither. It leaves me with beautifully hydrated skin that looks plump and healthy, it's great for slathering on if you're having a late night. 

Are you a fan of the 3-step facial? If so what is your formula?
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