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Just like I have the beauty items I like to invest in I also have a few staple style items that I prefer to spend a tad more on. There are some pieces that I find are worth investing in, I can't stand buying something only for it to become tired and bobbley within one wear let alone survive a trip around the washing machine. As I don't have a huge amount of spare cash I have to live within my means when I'm shopping for new pieces but here are the pieces that I tend a little more on. 

Jeans: A clothing piece that I've struggled with for years is jeans, is there such a thing as the perfect pair of skinny jeans? The closest that I've come to is Topshop , I've been wearing them since I was 15, that is nearly 10 years of handing over £40 every 6 months. They're the only brand that seem to fit me well and stay skinny all day, no baggy knees over here thanks. I wear jeans a lot, especially in the spring so I like to have a pair that I know last, no they don't last years but I don't have the budget for APC or Levi's so Topshop suits me just fine right now. 

Basic T-shirts: Some people don't really care to invest in basics but for me basic t-shirts are some of my most worn items so it makes sense to invest in them. I like to pick mine from the likes of COS and American Apparel because I know that they wash well and they're incredibly soft.  

Coats: Ever since I was a child I've always been taught that it's important to invest in a good coat as they can last you years. So since the I've always followed that mantra, whenever I've bought cheaply I've ended up buying twice. Like jeans, I wear a coat every single day for around 7 months of the year so I need something that is going to last and withstand that much use. Again, I've always had a good experience with Topshop jackets, my faux leather jacket has withstood years of wear and still looks like new. 

Shoes: Smart shoes, trainers and boots are the main footwear areas that I tend to put more money into. When I've scrimped in the past I've lived to regret it because they've either been incredibly uncomfortable and fallen to pieces. Whilst the initial splurge is tough on my bank balance I know in the long run I won't be forced to repurchase anytime soon. 

What clothing pieces do you like to invest in?

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