Products With Dreamy Packaging

Possibly my favourite thing about beauty products is the packaging that they come housed in, I know it's what is on the inside that counts but who can deny something that is so beautifully designed? I don't just want products that are pretty to display on my dressing table, oh no I need something that is functional as well. So here are some examples of my favourite types of packaging and yes I do have a thing for gold. 

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer*: When it comes down to base products I will always prefer something that comes with a pump or is in a tube. Tubs just seem unhygienic to me when it's something you're applying directly to your face. The great thing about tubes is that you can cut them open and really get the last drop of product and get your money's worth.

Fresh Sugar Lipbalm: It was a hallelujah moment when I opened this and realised that the lid screws on. I can't tell you how many times I've found a lidless lipstick in my bag which means you have to lop off a little bit of the bullet and that is just a waste isn't it. Now can all lip products be made with screw lids? 

Diptyque Candles: When I think of beautiful packaging Diptyque always pops into my head because it's just so classic. Who knew such a simple design could be so luxe? 

Lanolips Lip Ointment*: Most deep nourishing lip treatments come in a pot, we already know how I feel about those, they just seem icky. Even though, I make sure that I have clean hands I still find it gross to be sticking my finger into a product and swirling it around. Although having such a thick product in a tube does make it a little difficult to dispense but totally worth the effort for hygiene.

Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight: I never thought that having a cheek product in stick form would make it so simple when you're in a rush. It's just swipe, blend and go and the product twists up so you never have to worry about finding a sharpener big enough, what a mare that would be.

YSL Babydoll Mascara: It's not so much the functionality of YSL products although their foundations do always come with a pump which gets a big thumbs up for me as some high-end bases don't ahem *Nars Sheer Glow*. Their packaging is just so luxurious which is something that I really want when I'm buying an item that is that expensive, I want it to feel luxe and their gold clad products certainly tick all the boxes.

Clarins Lip Crayon*: I'm a big lover of lip crayons, but I'm not a fan of ones that you have to sharpen, whilst you do get a super sharp point for precision it wastes a lot of product. A twist-up mechanism is the way to go I think!

Tarte Blush in Exposed: I've got a real soft spot for products that are housed in a shade that is akin to the one inside. Also, any kind of powder product that has sturdy packaging, as well as a mirror, is always good in my eyes as it makes it ideal to take on the go.

Chloé de Roses*: Anybody else feel like some perfumes have such elaborate packaging these days that you could seriously hurt someone if you hit them with it? Chloé has the whole simplistic packaging thing down whilst still feeling pretty fancy at the same time.

What beauty product packaging do you love?
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