20 Small Things To Appreciate

It can be easy to get wrapped up in life and stop appreciating all the little things that make life just that little bit sweeter. I'm totally guilty of it and just take them for granted so here are some of the small things that I want to appreciate just a little more: 

1. Waking up to sunshine. 
2. That perfect moment when your beverage has reached the ideal drinking temperature. 
3. When your dog comes into your room because she just feels like seeing you. 
4. Pancakes, well because pancakes.
5. The first page of a fresh notebook. 
6. Fresh bedding. 
7. When your plants don't die. 
8. Finishing a book. 
9. Getting a good window seat on the train.
10. When you've just finished cleaning your room and can bask in the glory of it.
11. Even numbers. 
12. Baths
13. Waking up to text messages - silly but true. 
14. Making plans with loved ones. 
15. When you can feel the weather changing. 
16. Re-watching your favourite tv shows. 
17. Good fringe days. 
18. Time to yourself.
19. Getting work in before a deadline. 
20. Meeting like minded people. 

What are the small things that you appreciate?
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