The Beauty Area's Where I Save Money

Ok, so now I've shared both the beauty and style area's that I tend to invest in I thought I would share the area's that I save money in. I've tried high-end counterparts and still gone back to my budget options because they're either just as good if not better which makes my bank balance very happy. So here are the area's of my beauty routine where I prefer to save my pennies. 

Micellar Water: I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when the high street started to release their own answer to the infamous Bioderma. Now I love those red-topped bottles, I do but it's just so expensive. I don't think I will ever use anything to remove my make-up before moving onto a proper cleanse again as this just makes it so easy.

Hairspray & Texturising Spray: There are other area's of my haircare routine that I would rather invest my money in like an oil or treatment. You won't catch me in Space NK paying upwards of £35 for a can of that black and gold goodness, I don't care how big it can make your hair. 

Powder: There is a couple of high-end powders that I do really like but for the most part I just stick with the high street as I know there are some amazing ones out there. Powder is a super important step in my routine, for the majority of the year I'm an oily skinned girl so I need something that will really help my makeup stay all day.

Mascara: I don't think I'm alone when I say that all mascara is quite expensive, even in the high-street unless you come across the odd gem. Even though, the YSL Babydoll is my all time favourite I just think it's too much money when there are plenty of great mascaras out there for half the price. 

Concealer: Maybe it's because it's not a product that particularly excites me that I don't feel the need to spend a lot on my concealers. Out of all base area's foundation is definitely where I tend to invest more, so concealer just takes a back seat.

Lipstick: I've got a feeling that this might be a little bit of a controversial one as I know a lot of people prefer to spend more in this area. There are quite a few high-end lippies that I love but for the most part I'm a high street girl at heart and they're always the ones that I seem to reach for the most. 

Eyeliner: As I'm not somebody who really wears that much eyeliner it's never an area that I would even think of investing in any way. That being said, even my best friend who wears winged liner every single day still prefers her more budget options.

What are beauty area's do you save money in?
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