5 Awesome YouTube Channels

When I'm not binge watching Netflix you can find me catching up with my favourite YouTube channels. There are some incredibly talented content creators out there so I thought I would share five of my favourites today. 

Yoga with Adriene

If you follow me on Twitter then you will probably know that I've started Yoga, I'm a huge fan of Pilates so was exciting to give it a go. After hearing great things about 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene, I decided to give it a go and I'm glad I did. The videos are easy to follow and Adriene just seems like an awesome person. She doesn't just do yoga videos either, there are a few vlogs throw in too.

Wish Wish Wish

After reading Carrie's blog for over four years, I was super excited to see that she has ventured into video. Two in and she has already blown me away with the quality of her content, with the help from her fiance Miguel. If you haven't checked out her videos yet and you're a lover of her blog then you totally should.

Claire Marshall

I couldn't leave out Claire, even though I'm sure you all already know who she is. I always look forward to seeing what she has been working  on as she always delivers such incredible content. 

Sun Beams Jess

Even though, I'm pretty dull when it comes to my clothing choices it doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good lookbook. Jess's videos are always so well shot and edited, she takes things to a whole other level. Her more chatty videos are a complete joy to watch as well.

Marie Forleo

Although sometimes they're a little cheesy I can't help but feel inspired by Marie. Whenever I'm having a rubbish day with work I always put on a couple of her videos and it makes me like I can do anything. She has some great words of advice that you can put into everyday life and any career you might be in. 

What are your favourite YouTube channels?

R x 

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