Being More Organised & Streamlined

In general I would consider myself a pretty organised person, in fact, it's something I pride myself on. Late last year I found myself feeling a little overwhelmed, my life became busier and I was all over the place. So I wanted to find a way that I could try and streamline all aspects of life so things felt a little less chaotic and here is what I did.

De-cluttered: We all get to a point where we've accumulated a lot of junk and I reached that point a few weeks ago. My wardrobe is usually the epicentre of this, I start by pulling everything out and organising it into piles. I put things in 3 piles, keep, sell and charity, this makes it easier to see what I've been wearing and what I haven't. I then go through the rest of my room and get rid of all the misc papers and receipts that have been collecting dust for a little too long. 

Used things up: Like all beauty lovers out there I seem to have a never-ending supply of products. I made a pact with myself last year to make more of an effort to use things to the end, I have the tendency to leave random amounts in products just 'incase'.  It's been so rewarding to be getting through things and only buying the necessities and I do not need another foundation for at least two years. 

Set myself a schedule: Being your own boss is a blessing and a curse all rolled into one. I love the freedom that my job gives me as that I can set my own hours, but it can lead to unhealthy work habits. By setting myself a more structured workday, it makes it a lot easier to streamline my process and have a more productive day. 

Cleared out my laptop: I work on my laptop all day every day so it's easy for it get cluttered. At the end of every week, I go through my inbox and delete any unnecessary e-mails and reply to anything that is outstanding so it's easier to navigate. I then backup files on an external hard drive, not only are things safe, but it creates a clean slate for the next week.

Do you have tips for more being more organised and streamlined?

R x 

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