Brands That Blogging Introduced Me To

I've got a lot of thanks to say to the beauty blogging world for how many amazing brands it's introduced me to. I would have never found some of my absolute staples if they hadn't been featured on my favourite blogs. Finding new brands can be a minefield and pretty daunting so it's easy to just stick what we know and love, but blogging has completely changed that. 

Dr Jart: When all of the initial BB hype came around there was one brand that really stuck out and that Dr Jart. A Korean brand that has been designed to optimise the condition of your skin and aims to work with all skin types. It pains me that we only have some small range available in the UK because everything I've tried from them I've absolutely loved, best known for their BB creams but their skincare is where I think they really knock it out of the park.

Favourites include: Water Fuse BB CreamWater Fuse Sleeping Mask* and Water Fuse Sure Gel

Liz Earle: The first 'proper' skincare brand that I ever used and one of my all time favourites. What I love about Liz Earle is that it's pretty fuss-free, there are no products that claim to change your life or do everything including the ironing. They really make finding a good routine simple for beginners and are a brand that I would recommend to anybody. 

Favourite include: Cleanse & PolishInstant Boost Skin Tonic and Super Skin Moisturiser*

Zoeva: It's easy to understand why these brushes are so popular, I mean just look at them, so beautiful. Of course, it's not all about the design the quality is absolutely incredible for the price, brushes can be super expensive, but these are really budget friendly. 

Favourites include: 102 Silk Finish110 Face Shape and 221 Luxe Soft Crease

Aesop: The packaging of this brand alone makes my heart flutter, it's all so dreamy. A Melbourne-born brand that use both natural and lab made ingredients which is a combination that my skin loves. I really want to explore the brand more this year as I know they've got some awesome products in their range.

Favourites include: Parsley Seed MasqueResurrection Hand Balm and Rinse Free Hand Wash

Clarins: A brand that I would have totally dismissed before and deemed it for the older generation but they have some incredible items. Although you wouldn't think it, Clarins is quite luxe, beautiful gold clad packaging with simple design. They've become quite the staple in my makeup routine and I reach for their products on a regular basis. 

Favourites include: Gentle Brightening Exfoliating TonerHydraquench Tinted Moisturiser* and Lip Crayons*

Bumble and Bumble: I'd never really gone into the realms of expensive hair care before I discovered Bumble and Bumble. It all began with the Surf Spray and then I started to delve into the entire range and now they've become a staple for me. They totally justify their price tag in my opinion and that isn't something I say lightly. 

Favourites include: Seaweed Shampoo* & Conditioner*Thickening Contour Cream and Thickening Hairspray

Nars: A brand that just screams make up artist to me is Nars. I would have never dared go to a counter before as it seemed totally above me. I feel like a little bit of a fraud as I've only bought one of their blushes, but that is just enough for me to know they're an awesome brand. 

Favourites include: Nars Douceur Blush

Jurlique: Another Aussie skin care brand that I absolutely adore. They target so many different skin concerns which make their range so easy to shop which is something I like in skincare brands as it can be pretty tricky to distinguish what might work for you. Again, their packaging is an absolute dream it's those metal tubes that get me every time.

Favourite include: Rose Hand CreamCalendula Soothing Cream* and Fruit Enzyme Fruit Exfoliator*

What brands has blogging introduced you to?

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