5 Ways To Feel More Confident

Some are fortunate to have natural confidence but for many of us it can be quite the struggle. I've never been a person that oozes confidence, over the years I've come leaps and bounds, but it has taken a lot of hard work to get to how I feel today. There have been few key things that I've done so I thought I would share them today if you're lacking in confidence. 

Believe In Yourself  Something I learnt throughout university is that if you don't believe in yourself or your ideas than no one else will. It's a lot easier said than done because doubting yourself is something that comes so naturally but you have to trust yourself and go with your gut. 

Fake It: Even for those days when the last thing you feel is confident just fake it. It sounds like a bizarre concept but the more you fake confidence the realer it will become. 

Love Yourself: Something that is super important in every aspect of your life is being able to love yourself. Having a good relationship with who you are is vital because that is the one relationship that you're going to be in forever. It's not easy, it's a never-ending journey but self-love plays a big part in confidence. 

Speak Up: For years and years I shied away from speaking out, especially in large groups. The breaking point for me was during my internships, I knew I couldn't shy away if I wanted to make a good impression and even though it terrified me I did it. No one laughed at me or thought my idea's were stupid, the more I spoke the better I felt.

Do Things That Scare You: Going outside of your comfort zone can be absolutely terrifying. You can just start off with small things, for example speaking on the phone used to fill me with fear but now it's something I have to do quite often, especially with meetings. Doing things that scare us initially and getting through them can make us feel a million times more confident. 

Do you have any tips for feeling more confident?

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