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You might think having typical combination skin that leans more towards the oily side I wouldn't have a problem with hydration. For years, I thought because I had oily skin that my skin didn't need more moisture, oh how wrong I was. There is a big difference between dry and dehydrated, my skin is pretty dehydrated, especially at the moment and here are the products that are thirsty skin saviours. 

The Quick Fix: If I've not got a lot of time on my hands and need a big boost of moisture fast I always reach for the Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Moisture Mask. This gets to work within minutes and leaves your skin looking less parched and a lot more glowing at a rapid rate. The rose scent isn't too overpowering so if you're not on board with florals then this might be for you. 

The Moisture Step in Your Skincare Routine: For years, I didn't have a dedicated moisturising step in my skin care routine. Apart from obviously a moisturiser but that's not enough for my dehydrated complexion. I dabbled in the world of Hydraluron, but I didn't love it enough to repurchase it again. When the Dr Jart Water Sure Gel* came into my life it was the missing piece to my skincare puzzle. It injects so much moisture to the skin without making it greasy or sticky and my complexion looks so much more plump and healthy when using this. As I'm at the end of the Dr Jart* I've been giving the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum* a whirl, 5 days in I can't say too much but so far so good! The two are so lightweight that they create a beautiful moisture sandwich in your routine. 

The Overnight Miracle Workers: It's all down to bloggers that I discovered the wonder of the overnight mask. This is what I tend to reach for when I've been on the go all day and not had time to have my usual water intake. They're great when you know you need your skin to look glowing the next day and are a lazy girls dream as zero effort is required. Two of my favourites are The Body Shop Bouncy Mask* and the Dr Jart Water Max Sleeping Mask*, they're both light on the skin. The one I have to cautious with is the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask, applied heavily can lead to spots so a light layer is the way to go, but it gives a huge dose of hydration.

What are your favourite products for thirsty skin?

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