My Favourite Hairstyles To Wear With A Fringe

Illustrated portrait by Jessica Challanor-Sterland

Illustrated portrait by Jessica Challanor-Sterland

When I first got my fringe cut in around 20 months ago I was a bit stumped about what hairstyles I could wear with it. Getting a full fringe is a big commitment, as they do require daily styling so, aren't for those who want a carefree style. It has taken me a while to find what styles work well with a fringe and here are 4 of my favorites.

Half Up Half Down

My go-to style at the minute when I'm making a little more effort with my appearance. I like that this can be styled a little more lived in and messy as my hair is wild at the moment. 

1. Brush through your hair and then section off  a 1/3 of it to work as your up do.

2. Create a ponytail with the top section of hair and backcomb to create a little bit of volume and then use a bobby pin to secure it into place.

3. Loosen the hair a little to create a more relaxed and then hairspray into place.

The Messy Bun

As I try and keep heat styling to a minimum this is what I tend to go for most days. I think a bun can be so easily transitioned from day to night too. 

1. Tie your hair up into a ponytail, I like to make mine a little messy.

2. Then backcomb the ponytail to add texture and spritz in a little bit of hairspray.

3. Wrap the hair around to form a bun shape, my hair always looks like candy floss at this point.

4. Then bobby pin into place so it's nice and secure and just play around with till you have your desired shape.


1. Parting the hair into two and taking the small bottom section and twisting it into a very small bun at the bottom of the neck and pin securely into place.

2. Then flip your hair over and backcomb up to the root of the hair but leave the front of the hair smooth and flip your hair back over and push forwards to create that volume. Pin into place and wrap the remaining hair around the small bun you made previously. You have to be careful not to backcomb to much around the sides of the hair otherwise it creates a wide and flat style. 

3. After pinning everything into place, pull out little strands to create a more undressed do. I tend to move my fringe into a more centre parting too as it works a little better.

Messy High Ponytail 

I always thought that ponytails were reserved for school children and the gym but having a fringe gives them a little more of an edge.

1. Separate your fringe and any strands of hair you want to leave down.

2. Brush all your backwards and pick it up from the bottom and tie into place with a hair tie. 

3. Pull and play around with the hair a little bit to make the hair look more relaxed and tousled. 

4. Lift up the ponytail and slide to bobby pins underneath to keep the ponytail lifted.

What are your favourite hairstyles to wear with a fringe?

R x 

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