5 Ways To Get Your Week Off To A Good Start

I'm a fan of Monday's they bring a fresh week and you can put the past 7 days behind you. Sometimes though, the big M rolls around and I'm just not ready to go back into an intense work mindset. So, I've crafted a little routine to get my week off to a great start and make sure I make the most of my Monday's. 


1. Prepare the night before: Even though I work from home I still like to spend my Sunday evening preparing for the week ahead. Feeling more organised and on top of things is an integral part of getting my week off to a good start. Feeling all flustered when Monday morning rolls around is the worst.

2. Don't Rush: This goes hand in hand with getting organised the night before. Preparing your lunch and packing your bag are always things that can help the morning feel more relaxed and less stressful. 

3. Go in with a good mindset: Your mind is an incredibly powerful thing. If you go into the day with a bad attitude then you're guaranteed to have a bad day but if you try and be as upbeat as possible then you will probably have an awesome one. 

4. Make your first task an enjoyable one: If you're starting off the day by doing something you absolute hate, chances are it will put a dampener on the entire day. So for me I never file receipts on a Monday morning, as it's a task that is pretty boring so instead I do something like I enjoy like making a plan of photographs I need to take. 

5. Go out with friends: This is something that always gets my week off to a good start. It makes me look forward to Monday because I know that I'm seeing loved ones and doing something enjoyable.

How do you get your Monday off to a good start?

R x

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