Relaxing 101 - For Those Who Find It Difficult

Relaxing isn't something I find easy, switching off and taking a few hours to do whatever you please isn't a practice that comes naturally to me. Back in January I made a pact with myself to try and unwind a little more, three months on I've made progress and here is a little guide to relaxing - when you're really rubbish at it. 

Find what you enjoy: This is a big learning curve, we don't all have the same idea of relaxing. To some, it might be going out for a run and to some it might it be getting in bed with a hot drink and a good book. For me it's yoga, I know you're all probably fed up of me talking about it, but for me it's the perfect activity.

Turn off notifications: I'm always plugged in, I very rarely switch off from work and the online world. Signing out of e-mails and turning phone notifications off from around 8pm has been really helpful. Taking a step back away from technology is lovely, not having my phone constantly attached to my hand has been a breath of fresh air. 

Don't feel guilty: Ever since university I've felt guilty about relaxing and taking time out, knowing that there are plenty of things to be doing. As important as it is to work hard and focus on the task at hand not taking time out will only result in a serious burnout. I've found the more time I've taken out for myself the better my work is. 

Mind & Body: It's not just my mind that struggles to switch off it's my body too. I'm a tense person, even the way I carry myself is tense and I'm a serious teeth grinder. Learning to relax my body as well as my mind has been quite difficult but daily yoga has been doing me the world of good. 

Create a nice environment: This is something that is a key part of relaxing for me, I can't unwind if there is clutter everywhere. A good practice that I've been getting into is at the end of my 'work day' is to tidy everything way so that my environment is a peaceful place to be. 

Do you find relaxing difficult? If so what do you do?

R x

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