Small Ways To Introduce Exercise Into Your Routine

Making exercise part of your routine can be difficult. A lot of us don't have that much spare time on our hands to just saunter off to the gym when we feel like it. For me exercising is part of my self-care routine, if I have time to give myself a manicure and pedicure then I need to take care of what I have going on in the inside too. We have to make that time for ourselves and here are a few easy ways to get started. 

Start off small: We all lead busy lives, juggling work, relationships and then finding a little bit of time to ourselves is hard to find.  Starting off small is a great way to introduce exercise into your life, maybe join a class once a week? Once you get into the habit of going then it will slowly become part of your routine.

Put a date in the diary: I'm someone who works well with structure to my day, if I know I've written something down I'm much more likely to do it. If you put a workout down in your diary then it pushes you do it more instead of just leaving it up to chance that you might just feel like it.

Do it from home: You don't have to have a fancy and expensive gym membership to exercise. I've been working out from home a lot more recently as I've had very little free time. There are so many amazing workouts online that are easy to find and even better, they're free. 

Make it enjoyable: I think it's pretty important to enjoy what you're doing, if you can't stand the thought of running for 15 minutes then don't do it. You're much more likely to give up when it's not something that you enjoy. I personally love cycling so spinning classes are something I look forward too instead of dreading that hour of my day.

Walk more: I try and walk as much as I can, even small things like parking the car a little further away in the carpark can help. As Spring is now on its way it's a lot more pleasurable to be outside as in winter you want to make that time as short as possible.

Go with a friend: If you and a friend are both wanting to get into better shape then go on the journey together, exercise is a lot more fun when done with company. It also means you're more likely to do it when you know you get to spend quality time with someone too. 

Do you have any tips for adding exercise into your routine?

R x

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