6 Beauty Products I Wouldn't Buy Again

A couple of weeks ago I shared the beauty products I would buy again so I thought today I would share the ones that I won't be picking up again. It's not to say that these were bad products or that I've disliked them they just haven't wowed me enough to think that I desperately need to buy them again. 

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation: I've had this in my stocks for a couple of years and at the time I absolutely loved it. Since I've discovered better lightweight bases from the high street this has become very unloved. The colour match is great for my fair skin so I can't knock it on that or its formula. It does what it says on the tin and is nearly naked on the skin, but the fact it doesn't have a pump infuriates me. For the price, I would rather pick up the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, but this is a lovely base none the less.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer: Again this isn't because I don't like the product it's because I've found something else I prefer (Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer). I was using this under my eyes for a good few months to cover up any darkness which it worked well at doing. However, it wasn't illuminating enough for my liking which sometimes meant my complexion was left looking a little flat. 

Clarins Cream Blush: I'm a sucker for cream blushes, especially ones that dry down to a matte finish as they're great for the warmer months. This one from Clarins is absolutely beautiful, but it's practically identical to the Bourjois Cream Blush in shade 04 . Everything from the formulation to the colour is basically the same, but there is a nearly a £10 price difference between them. Although the Bourjois offering isn't housed in such pretty packaging, it's what inside that counts after all. 

Nails Inc George Street Nail Polish: The colour of this polish is completely unflattering against my skin tone, I'm still on the quest for my perfect nude pink that doesn't make me look like a corpse. I find the Nails Inc formula to be hit or miss, I've had some shades that have lasted amazingly well on the nails and some of them chip only a few hours after application. 

Topshop Lipstick in Pillow Talk : It might just be the shades that I've picked up, but on my lips they look nothing like they do in the bullet. I've not ever loved the formulation either, again maybe it's been the shades that I've picked up, but they seem to cling to any tiny patch of dryness which isn't something I'm a fan of. For the price, I would rather pick up something from the Bourjois Rouge Edition line as they're so hydrating and long lasting. 

Revlon Cream Blush in Charmed:You guys already know how much I love the Stila Convertible Colour blushes so ever since they've spoilt me when it comes to cream blush. I still think this product from Revlon is a wonderful little blush, but it's just not my favourite, although the colour is stunning in the A/W. 

What are the products that you wouldn't buy again?

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