Some Awesome Blogs You Might Not Be Following

I've not done a round up of new reads in a while. Sharing other blogs is one of my favourite things to do, without doing this the blogging world would never evolve as it can be hard to find fresh blogs. So here are a few that you might want to add to your Bloglovin feed.

The 5 Year Memory Blog

Created by my good friends Hayley and David, you might recognise David from ALO as he writes for the art & design section. Inspired by a diary that Hayley had they wanted to create something where they could share their memories for the next 5 years. It's one of the nicest blogs I've read in months and I'm so excited to follow the process of them buying their first house together. 


I've been reading Carolines blog for quite a while now and I just love her content. Especially her DIY's as they're easy to follow and are never incredibly expensive to recreate. Her outfits are some of my favourites too, even though we don't have a similar style I still love seeing what she has put together. 

Love From Berlin

From Berlin-based photographer Rae, I always look forward to seeing what she content she is working on. Of course, it goes without saying that her images are absolutely beautiful. Her Instagram finds and outfit posts are my favourite posts to read and can we all agree her hair is incredible?

Blend & Bloom

I've been following Michelle on Instagram for a good couple of years, but she has recently got into blogging. Her posts are always beautifully shot and I love her recipes as I'm currently on a real health kick so need all the inspiration I can get.

Not Copper Amour 

I went to college with Emma and we've lost touch since then, but we've slightly reconnected through blogging. I love the topics that she writes about, especially this post on travelling alone. Having long journeys by myself is one of my favourite things to do, just having the time to sit and my book or work without any pressure is amazing.

What blogs do you love that I might not know about?

R x

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