Brands That I Want To Try More From

Being the creature of habit I am, it's rare that I try new products as I just stick to what I know and love. But lately, I've had the itch to break out of my comfort zone and introduce some new things in my routine. There are quite a few brands that I absolutely love, but I've not tried anything more than one or two items from. So I thought today I would share the brands that I want to try more from and see what you guys might suggest.  


NARS: Such a cult brand in the beauty world, but shamefully I've only ever tried their blushes. Which as you regular readers will know, I'm smitten with. Whenever I'm at a Nars counter I always see about ten things that I know I would probably get along with but I just never get around to actually picking them up.

To try: Sheer Glow FoundationVelvet Matte Lip Pencils and Eyelash Curlers

Antipodes: A brand that I always hear so much about in the blogging world is Antipodes, I love their approach to skin care. As I tend to keep my routine pretty consistent and stick to what to I know works and fear breakouts like the plague I rarely let myself try anything new. I think this might all change when I next venture into a Space NK though.

To try: Grace CleanserResurrect Clarifying Toner and Vanilla Pod Hydrating Cream

Laura Mercier: How I've not tried more from LM is beyond me, their Silk Creme Foundation is one of my all time favourite foundations. Again the ethos of the brand is what sucks me, it's all about creating a beautiful natural base which is what I'm all about. I always hear such wonderful things about not only their base products but their eye and cheek offerings too.

To try: Tinted MoisturiserSecret Camouflage Concealer and Second Skin Colour

Too Faced: The packaging from Too Faced always catches my eyes as does their super cute names, they remind me of a slightly more refined Benefit. Their eye palettes are something that are always spoken highly of in the beauty community, so a brand that I definitely must look into more. 

To try: Boudoir Eye PalettePrimed & Poreless Face Primer and Shadow Insurance 

Maxfactor: Whenever I'm in the isles of Boots or Superdrug I always find myself perusing the Maxfactor stand. Maybe I'm wrong, but I do think the marketing of Maxfactor has missed the younger market and isn't as appealing as other brands. Recently though I think they've upped their game a little more and brought out some pretty exciting products.

To try: Facefinity All Day PrimerExcess Shimer Eyeshadow and Clump Defy Volumising Mascara

Tarte: Oh how I love the Amazonian Clay Blushes, they suck me in every time with their adorable colour matched packaging. Until the past year or so Tarte was strictly available in the US so was hard for us UK girls to get our mitts on. Now they're easier to get our hands on so it makes it a lot more simple but, I'm still longing for a counter. 

To try: Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Foundation, Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara and Maracuja Oil

What products do you want to try?

R x 

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