20 More Small Things To Appreciate

I have to say this postI wrote a couple of months ago is probably one of my all time favourites. Having been tucked up in bed for the past 5 days trying (& failing) to battle the cold from hell, it's given me plenty of time to think about the small things in life that just make it that little bit better. So, here are 20 more small things to appreciate. 

  • It still being daylight past 8pm.
  • Seeing your plants blossom.
  • Being able to get away with not wearing tights. 
  • Barrel blow drying your fringe.
  • Getting to the end of a pen. 
  • When your favourite TV show comes back on (Mad Men).
  • Getting an entire table seat on the train to yourself without getting a single dirty look from anybody else.
  • That pop of a fresh mascara tube.
  • Waking up before your alarm and being able to go back to sleep.
  • Those days when you can eat your dinner outside.
  • Freshly washed hair.
  • Evening walks. 
  • That glorious fresh book and magazine smell.
  • Getting everything done a lot quicker than you anticipated.
  • Blossom being everywhere in the UK at the moment.
  • Shaved legs & fresh bedding = match made in heaven.
  • Ice cream. 
  • Finding an item of clothing you've wanted for ages reduced. 
  • Getting post, that isn't bills. 
  • A completely tidy inbox.

What are the small things that you appreciate?

R x 

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