Creating A Base That Lasts All Day

After having a hit of sunshine at the weekend, it got me thinking about the upcoming months and how to make my base last throughout the warmer weather. There has been days when I've worn makeup and a couple of hours later it's all slid off and I might as well not have bothered. As my skin is typically more oily or more likely sweaty, I need all the help I can get and here are a few ways I've found to create a base that lasts all day. 

Prep: I'm always tempted to compare my skin to a wall or painting when I talk about the prep stage. Without a good base layer I think it's hard for your makeup to adhere well, so a good skin care routine is key. For me, the cleansing and moisturising stage is vital. If I've been lazy with my routine I never find my makeup goes on well or stays on either. 

Prime: The day I discovered a primer that worked for me was the day that my routine changed for good. Before I just thought they were an extra step that never really did anything but once I started to use one on a regular basis the difference was incredible. Not only do they make your base last longer in many instances but they make everything apply more evenly and not to mention how much more flawless your base looks.

Tools: This one could be a complete personal preference, but I always find my base lasts much longer when applied with a brush. Having more control lets me work the product into my skin with more precision and care which I find hard to mimic with fingers.

Layers: I learned this from a Lisa Eldridge video and it's a method that I've used ever since. Working in thin layers instead of applying thick mounds of makeup to your skin will last much longer. So I apply products with a light hand and again using a brush helps and build up coverage that way instead of just going in with one thick layer. 

How do you get your base to last all day?

R x

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