Getting Back Into Work After Having Time Off

Last week I unexpectedly took a full day off work after being struck down a sickness bug and it made me realise easing yourself back into work can be difficult. Whether you've been off poorly or had time off to go on holiday it can be a little daunting going back into the work mindset. So here are some ways that can make the whole process easier and hopefully make the first day back at work since the 4 day weekend a little less hellish.

Start slow: It's taken me a while to learn this step, you can't go from having time off back into full-force work mode within seconds. You need the time to readjust yourself back to the productive mindset, it's not a switch that you can turn on and off.

Plan: Having a plan before you go into anything is always wise, it means you can have a clear take on what you need to do. Sometimes going into something with not much of an idea of what you need to do can result in a lot of faffing and time wasting. We all know how much I swear by my to-do lists, but they help give structure to your day and help you stay motivated.

Admin First: This is something that isn't an exciting task but a necessary one. Chances are when you've been away that you will have a lot of emails that need answering so by getting them done first means you can move forward with other tasks.

Prioritise: When you make your plan it's always good to write a schedule too. What tasks need your attention first? How long will they take? By writing everything down you can go through each task making sure it's completed before you move go onto the next one.

One thing at a time: Something I'm completely guilty of is not staying on task, I flick from one to the other meaning it takes me twice as long to get things done. Single tasking is something that I'm still learning to do but concentrating on just one single thing means that it takes less time and is done to the best of my ability.

Don't panic: Whether you're self-employed or work in an office when you've been away the work mounts up and it can seem like a mountain when you first open your inbox or look at your desk. Try not to worry about getting caught up in a matter of hours as it might take a couple of days and that's fine.

Do you have any tips for getting back into work after having time off?

R x 

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