Small Ways To Be A Little Healthier

The older I get the more I take into account my health, when I was younger I just didn't care. I never thought about what I was putting into my body or cared much for exercise. Last year I gave myself a real push to start leading a healthier lifestyle and really started to look after myself. At the time, I just wanted to start off small, trying to change everything at once was only going to end in failure, so here are a few small things I did.

  • Switched out fizzy drinks for water. 
  • Made the conscience effort to walk more, so taking the stairs instead of the lift. 
  • Cut down on the amount of snacks I was eating.
  • Made sure to eat 3 good meals a day. 
  • Learnt how to meal prep, such a life saver when you're busy. 
  • Kept sweets out of the cupboards - if it's not there you're not tempted. 
  • Purchased more fruit and veg. 
  • Started to work exercise into my routine. 
  • Made the exercise I was doing fun and enjoyable.
  • Tried to add veg to most meals. 
  • Switched to brown bread and rice. 
  • Made meals from scratch.
  • Challenged myself to drink more water and get those 8 glasses in. 
  • Tried to make sure I was getting a good amount of sleep each night. 
  • Made granola from scratch instead of buying it. 
  • Stretched before bed - sounds odd but it really helps. 

Do you have any tips on being a little healthier?

R x

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