When You've Fallen Out Of Love With Your Blog

When you've been blogging for a long time it's easy to fall out of love with your space. It happens to us all, I know I've had a couple of tiffs with From Roses over the past 4 years and I've learnt there are certain things that can help you fall back in love with your blog all over again. 


Take a step back: Whether it's for a day a week or even 3 months taking a step back and having some breathing space is always important. When you're looking at your blog a lot it's easy to start picking fault and become irritated by irrelevant things. I don't think there is any point in forcing anything, chances are you'll make it worse rather than better.

Switch up your schedule: Of course, if you post every day then this point is a little redundant but if you don't then maybe switching up the days you publish a post might help. I always find once I get into the habit of doing something then it's easy to become bored and see it as a chore instead of something that I enjoy. Jen recently wrote a post on slow blogging which is well worth a read. 

Try something new: Once you've been blogging for a while you can start to feel like you're boxed into posting about one specific genre and it can be scary to break out of it. There are probably things that you want to write about, but you feel too scared to do, I think one of the best things about blogging is the freedom so why not embrace it? 

Make changes to your layout: You could go the whole way and have a complete re-design, I'm currently in the process of doing this with my lovely friend Chaitra. Or you could just change a few simple things like maybe writing a new about me page, upload a new display picture or even change your font. 

Play around with visuals: Once you've got settled into your routine of taking visuals for your blog it's very hard to break the cycle. It could just be something as small as trying out a new background or mixing up the viewpoint that you shoot from. Visuals are the biggest part of blogging for me so I always try and mix it up a little and push my boundaries so I don't become stuck in one style. 

Do you have any tips for when you've fallen out of love with your blog?

R x 

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