15 Of Favourite Things To Do At The Weekend

Truth be told I'm a real homebody at the weekend. As I'm self-employed and don't have your typical working week I try to keep out of busy city centres at the weekend as it's not my idea of fun. So today I'm sharing a few things that I love doing at the weekend that don't involve bustling crowds.

  1. Rearrange my room and purge my wardrobe. 
  2. Start a DIY project, I'm currently thinking this one from Caroline
  3. Yoga. 
  4. Try a new recipe out, this one, in particular, is just calling my name. 
  5. Visit a garden centre and add even more cactuses to my collection.
  6. Go on an evening walk with Bella and see the bluebells.
  7. Meal plan for the week.
  8. Photograph blog posts. 
  9. Work on personal projects. 
  10. Catch up with Gogglebox. 
  11. Practice hand lettering on my graphics tablet, tutorial here
  12. Give myself a fresh manicure. 
  13. Make myself a more exciting breakfast than cereal, french toast is my current go to. 
  14. Start learning a new hobby, I'm still attempting cross stitch. 
  15. Listen to old John Mayer. 

What do you like to do at the weekend?

R x

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