Finding Your Style

As I've been writing more style posts recently, which I've been thoroughly enjoying I've realised I've developed a strong personal style. For years, I just wore what I liked and didn't really think about it, finding your style is one of those tricky things that we all go through. Clothes are so much more than just something to keep us covered and warm, they can be a huge part of our personality. Even though I'm not at all a trend person and will probably never attend Fashion Week I still love discussing personal style. 

I guess we should have a trip down memory lane. As a child I was dressed in head to toe Debenhams and then eventually Tammy Girl, my parents never let me get anything too trendy. At the time I thought it was such an injustice but now I look back and I'm grateful I never wore a skirt and trouser combination. In my teen years, I seemed to wear a lot of pink, considering it was never my favourite shade I'm not quite sure how this happened. Then I entered my 'scene' kid stage which most of us went through and this is where I think I really started to discover what I enjoyed wearing. I was a spray on jean and slip on Van girl until I was 18 where I then discovered Jack Wills and incorporated more preppy pieces into my wardrobe. Working in Topshop/Topman for 3 years I realised that I preferred basic's over trend pieces, I felt like myself wearing a nice basic tee compared something bright and patterned. I was always a pain when it came to our uniform allowance as I always wanted the plainest item in the trend. 

During university is when I started to care less and less about what was new in stores and started wearing a lot more basics. This is also the time that I started to get tattooed so I don't think it's a coincidence that I went for more neutral pieces as when you've got patterned skin you don't want to be clashing with your clothing. This was also the time I learnt that clothes are meant for expression, but they're also for you to feel good and comfortable in even if it's not what the rest of population might deem cool. For the past four years, I've invested more in my basic items and built myself a strong capsule wardrobe where every single piece gets worn. If I had to describe my style I would go for 'smart casual', I've gained a lot of inspiration from Parisian style as well as Alexa Chung. When I plan my outfit for the next day I have a little mental checklist that I go through in my head: 

  1. Do I feel confident in this?
  2. Is it comfortable? 
  3. Is it appropriate?
  4. Am I going to be warm enough?
  5. Can I layer it? 

I'm not too adventurous with my clothes choices and when I'm browsing my favourite style blogs the same thought always swims around my mind and that's I'm not stylish enough. I'm sure this is a thought that enters all of our minds from time to time and, of course, the truth is that we are all stylish in our own right. I won't be wearing culottes this season, but I will be wearing as many stripes as my heart desires because that is what I feel good in. It took me years to find my style and it was only through experimentation and self-exploration that I finally got there. So many of us feel the pressure to be dressed a certain way when really the only person you should be dressing for is yourself. Charlotte over at ALO wrote an awesome post on finding your style which you can find here.

How did you find your style?

R x

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