For Those Of Us Who Overthink Everything

Overthinking situations was the bain of my teenage life, I would sit and waste hours just going over the same situation. After all those hours, I still wouldn't be further along and would have just worried myself into oblivion. Ever since I graduated university I've been on a long journey to try and get out of my overthinking mindset and here are a few things I've done.

Be Rational: Every time I feel myself starting to over analyse a situation I go through my head of what is rational and what is isn't. It's not easy to try and catch those thoughts but once you do you start to think more rationally and don't automatically jump to the worst case scenario. Thinking about is realistically plausible and what isn't soon starts to bring you back down from any anxious feelings.

Talk to someone: This is something that I still find difficult. When I get myself worked up into a real tizzy the last thing I want to do is share the load with others. It's a huge help though when I do finally pluck up the courage. They can see the situation from a totally different perspective and help you deal with whatever might be going on. I often find by telling somebody helps squash any really irrational thoughts. As they tend to sound so silly when you hear them said out loud. 

Keep busy: If something has come up and I know it's something I typically overthink I go into auto pilot and distract myself. My go to is to take myself off to the gym, but I don't always have the time to do that so tidying is my next option. It can be whatever you want but taking your mind out of the situation is a huge help. Often or not by the end of the day you might not even remember what you were overthinking in the first place. 

Don't sit & dwell: One of the worst traits I used to have is that I would dwell on situations, then worry & overthink them for months. It's easy to get consumed by situations, but it's also incredibly important to move on and learn from them. Thinking about them over and over again won't help, it will make you feel terrible. 

Do you have any advice for overthinking?

R x

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