My Blog Photography Essentials

I seem to be having a little tech takeover this weekend on From Roses. Yesterday I shared my favourite apps and today I'm going to be sharing some of my photography essentials. I'm just going to narrow it down to blog photography otherwise this list could get out of control. By no means am I saying that you need these too, but this is what I like to use for my images. 

Canon 700d: I recently upgraded my camera, but for years I used the Canon 400d without any problems. If I was only taking pictures for my blog then I probably wouldn't buy a DSLR as I don't think it really requires it. There is a couple of awesome camera like the Olympus Pen and Fujifilm X100 that deliver beautiful results and are more portable. I'm absolutely in love with the 700d and have been really getting to grips with it, it's such an awesome camera and the flip out screen makes it  easier to work with when shooting from above.

50mm Lens: This is the lens that I've used for years, it's a great lens for the price and delivers such fantastic results. As it goes down to 1.8 aperture you get that beautiful shallow depth of field that looks dreamy in still life images. If you're just getting into a photography I think a fixed lens is great to learn with as it teaches you great discipline. 

Standard Kit Lens 18-35mm: It's incredibly rare that I use my standard kit lens but it does come in handy for a few things. As I don't have a huge room sometimes I can't get far enough away with my 50mm so I reach for this. The quality isn't wonderful but when mounted on a tripod it can work

iPhone 6: Even though I try not to sometimes I will use images taken on my phone. I don't really think you can tell that much difference it's just a personal preference. You can get a lot more out of your phone than you might think possible, it takes a little bit more time but it's worth it in the end.

White Tac & Gaffa Tape: Two necessities for anybody who takes a lot of still life images. There is nothing worse than having everything perfectly arranged and something suddenly moving or rolling away. This is when these two come to the rescue and you will never even know that they're there. 

Photoshop CS6 Camera Raw: Very rarely do I go into the full programme of Photoshop to edit my blog images, they just don't require that amount of retouching or editing. Camera Raw is one of my all time favourite programmes to use as it's completely foolproof.

Tripod & Remote: As I'm an English girl trapped in a very grey world 90% of the time these two are my best friends for still getting light and airy images. Even though I don't enjoy using tripods at all they are a necessity for using a low ISO in the dark winter months. Same goes for a remote, to avoid any camera shake at all. 

What are your photography essentials?

R x 

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