My Favourite Homeware & Stationery Stores

Nothing makes my heart flutter like new homeware and stationery. I'm often asked where my favourites places are to buy the following so I thought I would share my most loved homeware and stationery jaunts.

Rifle Paper Co: Of course, this was going to be first on the list, my blog & Instagram could easily be an RPC appreciation page. Created by the amazing Anne & Nathan Bond, I fall even more in love with their pieces with each collection they bring out. I can't wait till the day that I make it over to the US to go to one of their stores. 

IKEA : Ever since I was a kid I've loved going to IKEA, it used to fill me with excitement when my parents decided we needed a trip. There is something to suit everyone and I love how much you can upscale some of their pieces to look a lot more luxe. As my boyfriend and I are soon going to be setting up our first home, I'm sure there will plenty of IKEA trips on the horizon. 

Muji : It pains me that we used to have a Muji in my home city and I never ventured in. The best of both world in my eyes as they have a huge stationery range and then so many simple homeware pieces to choose from. Not only do they have a vast selection but it's seriously inexpensive yet high quality too so perfect for students. 

Fred Aldous: This is a store in Manchester but I had to include it because it's stationery heaven (like London Graphics Centre). As I'm in Manchester every couple of weeks, I always try and venture in as it's in the Northern Quater which is my favourite part of Manchester. They have every kind of Moleskine in every colour that you could imagine.

TK Maxx: I could get lost for hours in the aisles of my local TK Maxx, it's my best friend and I's favourite activity actually. The homeware is a lot easier to browse than the clothes and there are some serious treasures to be had. They stock almost everything you can imagine from candles to garden furniture.

Fox and Star: A store I initially came across a couple of years ago as they stock my beloved RPC. But if floral ain't your thing then there are tonnes of minimal pieces available and it's washi tape heaven.

John Lewis: This is my safety store if in doubt I know John Lewis will probably stock it. They don't just stock your essentials either they have some great pieces from designers in too. I long for the day that I can go to JL and stock up on kitchenware and bedding.

Paperchase: A staple to any high street, although I don't feel that they're as good as they used to be I still pop in when I need a few staple pieces. I've been enjoying seeing more home pieces pop up in their stores and their wedding sections is always adorable. 

Etsy : Whenever I've got something specific in mind I will always have a browse of Etsy. Not only is it great to support handcrafted businesses but you can always find some seriously beautiful pieces. They have a fantastic selection of prints and terrariums; I can't stop looking at this one.

H&M : Although there is only one store in London where you can browse the goods in person there is so much choice online it's hard not to create a list as long as your arm. They hit all homeware trends on the head but without the mammoth price tag. My boyfriend purchased me a few pieces for my birthday and they're awesome, a few of them feature in this post

What are your favourite places to purchase homewares and stationery?

R x

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