Organising & Streamlining Your Beauty Stash

My beauty stash was well overdue a tidy up, it had got completely out of hand and I was running out of storage thick and fast. When it comes to my beloved beauty products I have the tendency to hoard and cling onto items that have reached the end of their shelf life or have so little left that they are no longer worth keeping. So think of today's post as an easy guide to streamlining and organising your beauty stash to make the most out of the products that you own.

Be Ruthless

I was a little embarrassed by just how much I'd managed to accumulate over the past couple of years. If you're a blogger you will be aware that sometimes you're lucky enough to be sent beauty products to trial and you're not always aware that they are going to be landing on your doorstep. The first thing I did was empty everything out onto my floor and organised things into piles, some things just needed throwing away because they were empty or out of date and then I sorted the rest out into what I wanted to keep and then sorted out little bags for family and friends. This helped organise the main bulk of items out and then I could get specific of what I needed to organise and where I was going to put it. 

& Realistic

As much as I love beauty sometimes I get a little carried away and can become quite unrealistic with what I'm actually going to be able to use. So once I had organised everything into what I was going to keep and what was going to another home I then went back in and had another look at the items that I was keeping. My rule with anything in my life is that if I've not used in within the past 6 months then it goes and some of my beauty products hadn't been used in 18 months or so. As hard as it was to get to rid of them there was no point in clinging onto something I was clearly never going to use. 


I have 3 places where my beauty products live, my small Muji drawers, my dressing table and IKEA filing cabinet. My Muji draws contain the products that I use on a daily basis and I rotate the products around so that I make sure I'm using everything that I own. Then in my dressing table drawer I use a cutlery holder to house the rest of my makeup, it might not sound like the most glamorous storage system but it's a really effective one as it doesn't allow you to go overboard with what you're keeping in there. Then in my bigger IKEA draws is where my nail polish, skin, hair and body care all live as they are bigger items that tend to be quite difficult to store otherwise. I took this chance to give all these areas a good clean too so with baby wipes in hand I gave everything a wipe down to get rid of any grime that had built up.  Then it was time to put everything back into its respective home and it gave me a really good chance to organise things properly so that they don't get stored in a way that they get forgotten about. 

Set Yourself A Challenge

Chances are that if you're reading this post it means you're probably somebody who has a soft spot for beauty products and own a few too many. Something I'm currently trying to do is set myself little challenges like this:

  • Change the foundation that I'm wearing each week.
  • Don't hoard tiny amounts of products for a just incase moment, just use them until the end. 
  • Switch around the eye palettes that you're using each week and try out different combinations. 
  • Rotate your perfumes. 
  • Use a different lipstick every time that you wear makeup. 
  • Make sure to throw mascara's out after the 6-8 month mark.
  • Use your body products until the end, even if you're getting slightly bored of them. 
  • If you try something new and you don't like it then pass it along to somebody else who might enjoy it. 

By setting these little challenges to myself it's meant that I've managed to finish up a lot of products and it's made me get out of the rut I was in with my beauty routine. 

I'd love to know how you organise and streamline your beauty stash

R x

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