Things To Do When The Weather Isn't So Fine

Us Brit's should be well seasoned when it comes to our temperamental climate, but I'm not someone who copes with the cooler seasons very well. No matter how many layers I wear I still seem to be left shivering so I try and make my trips into the outside world few and far between. This means that I've had to find a few ways to have fun that don't require being outside or require only a short walk and here are 14 of my favourites. 

  1. Visit a National Trust stately home. 
  2. Read a classic book. 
  3. Do that deep clean of your room that you've been putting off for months.
  4. Try out a new recipe.
  5. Go to IKEA and stock up on blankets. 
  6. Bake an old favourite, sugar cookies are my favourite. 
  7. Marathon Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings. 
  8. Dig out your old board games, Guess Who is the perfect rainy day companion.
  9. Take a visit to a Botanical Gardens.
  10. Start a scrapbook. 
  11. Work on your blog. 
  12. Make a blanket fort. 
  13. Treat yourself to a real pamper, manicure, pedicure and a facemask. 
  14. Start learning that skill you've been meaning to do for years. 

What are your favourite things to do in A/W?

R x

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