Preparing For Bare Limb Season

Even though it might not feel like it. The days are getting warmer and soon we will be embracing the season of baring our limbs. Not being the most body-confident person I like my body to look as healthy as possible. Here are some of my favourite products to prepare for the warmer months with. 

FRANK ORIGINAL BODY SCRUB*: When your limbs have been trapped in thick jeans or tights the urge to exfoliate is minimal. So it's easy to let your body routine become slack when no-one is really seeing it. This popular coffee scrub from Frank is something that can return even the driest of skins back to a healthy state within one use. It contains some beautiful ingredients like sweet almond oil that can do so much for your limbs. It's a pretty messy product to use but the outcome is something that cannot be compared with other scrubs. 

SOAP & GLORY PULP FRICTION: If you haven't got the time to dedicate to a messy coffee scrub. But still want to exfoliate your limbs then this classic from S&G is perfect. Often exfoliators can end up down the drain rather than on your skin but this sticks to the skin. As it stays on you can really work on those tough areas without wasting any product. Out of all the S&G scents, this one has always been my favourite. It's quite masculine but it's not overpowering at all. 

LAVERA ROSE BODY WASH*: When de-fuzzing my body I like to use a body wash that will cleanse the skin but also moisture and work well with a razor. This all natural & vegan-friendly product is a great option. It creates just enough suds but it's incredibly nourishing on the skin. Even though it's rose scented it's still fresh and invigorating which is always a bonus when it comes to body wash. 

BATH & BODY WORKS JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM LOTION: As a UK resident, I've not been able to get the full B&BW experience. But if their body care is anything to go by then we're all missing out. Finding a lotion that is suitable for daily use that is still hydrating enough can be tough. This sinks in instantly but leaves the skin glowing just like a heavier balm does. But you don't have to wait around waiting for it to sink into the skin. The Cherry Blossom scent is beautiful, it's sweet but it has an edge of masculinity that I love in the scents that I use. 

FRANK BODY BALM*: As a once a week treat to keep any dryness at bay this an awesome product. Especially after exfoliating to top up moisture levels. It's incredibly similar to the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream but for your body. It leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth but you can definitely feel it. If you were going out and flashing some flesh then it would be perfect to use. As it makes your limbs seriously glow but for underneath clothing, it's not suitable. 

CAUDALIE DIVINE LEGS: Fake tan is something that terrifies me. I used to be a big fan of gradual tanner but now I've moved onto the likes of the Divine Legs. A wash on wash off affair. It works like a foundation for your legs and covers up any imperfections. So on the days that I'm showing some skin I can apply this the night before without having to worry to about making a big commitment. The key I've found to using products like this is to make sure the skin is thoroughly prepped and nourished. So it can't cling to dry patches. As I'm very fair sometimes the shade can be tricky to get right. But this leaves a beautiful olive [somewhat] natural glow to the skin. 

What products do you use to prepare your body?

R x

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