Styling Your Desk Space

Like most people in the world. I put in a lot of hours at my desk. So I like to make it as cosy as I possibly can. Whilst still keeping it looking aesthetically pleasing and productive as possible. After all, when you're sat in the same area for so long you probably want to enjoy the space you're in. Here a minimal and fuss-free guide to styling your desk space whether your desk is at home or in an office environment. 


It's a typical cliche but I feel like you can never go wrong with IKEA. They offer a huge variety and you can even design your own by buying a table top and trestle legs. Of course with the likes of IKEA you do get what you pay for. If a desk only costs you £20-£30 it's not going to have the best craftsmanship in the world. Things to remember when buying a desk;

  1. How much room do you have?
  2. Is it going withstand a lot of use?
  3. If going for something white are you interested in the upkeep of it staying clean?
  4. Will it fit a chair underneath with ease?
  5. Are draws important or not? 


MECHANICAL LAMP: I will forever think of these lamps as Pixar lamps. But I think they look awesome. I love the more industrial feel that they can give with to a space. They're pretty widely available now and can be found at many price points whereas before they used to be a pricey investment. Having the wide base on them also means you can store other items too which makes them great for smaller desk spaces. 

PENS: I find pens can be tricky to store as they can make your environment look cluttered. Empty candle jars or delicate glasses are two things I've found to work really well. If you've got a desk with drawers you can get a little tray and store them in. But in terms of accessibility, it's much easier to have them to hand. 

REED DIFFUSERS OR AROMA DIFFUSERS: Candle addictions are pricey to keep up and they aren't the best for your environment. So I've been seeking out alternative methods of filling my room with delicious scents. The best ways I've found of doings this is with aroma diffusers, reed diffusers or room sprays. My personal favourites are aroma diffusers. The vapour that they release feels oddly relaxing and they can also be used as a light. 

PLANTS: Having a plant on your desk can instantly brighten up your space. Whether it be a house plant, cactus, succulent or even something of the faux variety if you're a plant killer. Having something else that is living in your environment can be a great addition to your desk space. 

PERSONAL TRINKETS: I think something that's particularly important if you work in an office environment is to make your space personal to you. Even though your desk is a space for productivity. You spend so much time there that you want it to feel like your own. Adding photos or personal trinkets can make a space feel so much more like your own. 


  1. Keep your area clean and clutter free.
  2. Water your plants, no-one wants to look at a dead plant all day. 
  3. If you don't have a lot of desk space, utilise your walls.
  4. Draws are your best friends. 
  5. Clean out your space every other day.
  6. Make it personal to you. 
  7. Seat choice is really important, make sure you're getting enough support. 

Do you have any desk styling tips?

R x

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