Scorched Summer Skin Saviours

The weather is currently a blissful 30 degrees in the UK which us British residents all know is pretty rare. I'm a complete sun junkie when it does make an appearance and even though I'm militant with my SPF sometimes the worst happens and I end up looking lobster-like. Of course, this has inevitably happened in the last couple of weeks and I paid the consequences. There have been a bunch of products that have helped my skin return to it's otherwise happy albeit a lot more bronzed state and here are the details on them. They might help you if you have ended up looking more scorched than sunkissed. 


The most important thing for me in the heat is to make sure that I'm properly hydrated. I almost double my water intake. Although it results in a lot more trips to the bathroom it's totally worth it. Being dehydrated in the scorching sunshine is dangerous so make sure you've always got some water close by. For years, I always thought that after-sun sprays were a waste of money until I used this Malibu After Sun Aloe Gel Spray. I keep this in the fridge which makes it even more hydrating and cooling, it helps to moisturise and take away that awful sting of sunburn. After a cooling shower, my favourite follow up at the moment is the Lavera Exotic Body Lotion* the vanilla and coconut scent is a total dream. It's just that perfect ratio of hydrating without making already hot skin sticky so you can climb into bed feeling totally refreshed. 


When I'm sat at my desk in my room which turns into a greenhouse in the warm weather my best friend is MAC Fix +. Although this is marketed as a makeup setting spray and refresh and I like to use it as a cooling spray. I know you can buy cans of Evian, but I do find that overpriced for water in a can. What I love about Fix + is that it contains a few skincare benefits and it doesn't disturb the makeup that you're wearing. It has a good nozzle and distributes an even mist. It might sound ridiculous, but no one wants a direct spray of water to the face. There are plenty of products like this on the market, this one from The Body Shop looks perfect. 


There probably isn't a person out there who hasn't suffered from a Rudolph red nose at some point during the summer. It happens, ok. As Rudolph isn't my preferred beauty inspiration I need always need a little bit of help to return back to normality. The 1001 Remedies Magic Skin* has been a complete hero product recently. I've been using this as part of my evening routine. It's not only helped with any red patches it's also dramatically helped with any hormonal blemishes that have made an appearance. This is something that I can see being in my routine for the next few months as it's been saving my skin. As my complexion has been sun quenched the combination of the Pestle & Mortar Hyaluronic Serum* and The Body Shop Bouncy Sleeping Mask* have been working their magic. They've pumped my skin full of moisture and locked it in and helped to maintain a hydrated complexion once again. 

Of course, I think that it goes without saying that we should always be safe when we're in the sun! Although being tanned is nice having damaged skin is not. So when accidents to happen what do you reach for to help? 

R x

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