Staying On Top Of Work, Life & Everything Else

Something that I really struggle with is staying on top of everything. I either work too much and neglect my life and the people in it or go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum. We've all got a lot going on every single day and I'm forever wishing that I had more hours in the day to possibly fit it all in but there are few things that I've found help keep me on track. 


I seem to think I'm superwoman 90% of the time and have unlimited time to do everything that I'm given the chance to. It's all too tempting to yes to everything, but sometimes it's just not possible to do it all. Learning to say no is difficult, I hate to feel like I've let anybody down whether it's a work or social occasion. In reality, no-one is going to get horribly upset if you're honest and explain why you can't do what they're asking and will more than likely understand. 


Whether it's on your laptop, phone or one of the physical variety a calendar is perfect for helping me stay on track with my week. Personally I prefer having something of the old school variety because I'm a sucker for putting pen to paper. Writing things down always helps me remember them so much better and I do have the habit of looking back through them to see what I've been doing. My to-do lists are my best friends, I should probably get one surgically attached to me. I use a mixture of the Teuxdeux app and a pad from Rifle Paper Co. When writing my lists I like to prioritise what needs doing first so that I'm getting all important tasks done first instead of smaller things that can wait. 


A bad habit of mine is wanting to get everything done at once. I never think anything can wait and end up overloading myself with work. Like I said when I write my to-do lists I write all the really important tasks at the top so that I know that they're a priority and have to be done. Something else that helps me prioritise is by splitting up tasks into sections so that it doesn't seem like something so big that I can't possibly get it all done. 


Something I've had to stop telling myself is that 'I don't have time'. When in fact I do have time I'm just not using it wisely. There are never going to be more hours in the day no matter how hard we might wish for them. So we have to make the most out of what time we have. I struggle to make time for myself because there is always something else that could be getting done instead. Timeout for self-care and just watching Netflix is just as important as work. Something I've learnt recently is that I work to have a life I love not just live to work. 

How do you stay on top of work and life?

R x

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