Sensible Style Pieces To Add To Your Wardrobe This A/W

Whenever I scroll through dreamy fashion blogs and admire their carefully planned outfits I can't help but wonder if they're cold? Especially when it comes to the A/W season and people are still frolicking around in short skirts and cami tops. Maybe everyone just has really warm blood? But as soon as it's below 12 degrees I'm shivering and shaking like a leaf. So I always rely on a few cold weather-appropriate wardrobe pieces to get me through the season and here are a few of my all time favourites. 


A jumper is such an obvious choice for A/W but it's a classic and there are so many styles of the staple that you're never stuck for choice. I like to go for the classic cable-knit as the pattern adds a little bit of excitement to an outfit but it's still a basic wardrobe piece that can be styled with just about anything. And of course, jumpers make great layering pieces so that on those Autumn days where it gets pretty warm by mid day and you can feel yourself perspiring as you put lighter layers underneath so you don't have to sit all day in a heavy knit. 


A recent purchase of mine due to my obsession with Gilmore Girls. I think the borg jacket is a great wardrobe staple in the colder months. It allows you wear something that's not as heavy as a coat but it still offers up as much warmth as one and when they're lined all the way through it's like wrapping yourself in a little duvet. Denim jackets are having quite the revival at the moment [although did they ever really go out of style?] and you can customise them in so many ways as pins and patches are all the rage. 


I don't know many people who don't own a parka in the A/W months. They are strictly speaking a more casual outdoorsy wardrobe staple but that doesn't you can't pair them with a nice knit and some brogues to smarten them up a little. On those really ice cold winter days a good coat that keeps you warm and dry is key and that's exactly what the parka is. And if you can find one that's lined it's even better, because any clothing piece can double up as a makeshift duvet is perfect. The classic shade for the parka is olive green but now they're are so many different variations on the original. And they're available at so many price points making them an appropriate wardrobe staple for all budgets. 


Thermals aren't something that can be worn as outerwear [unless you really love your thermals then go ahead]. But as I've got older I've stopped believing it's cool to freeze to death in winter because you're not dressed appropriately, I'm sure I'm not the only teenager who did this? As I live in knitwear and jumper dresses in winter it makes it super easy to pop a thermal long sleeved top underneath. It doesn't change the outfit in any way but it helps you keep warm throughout the day. And I know I probably sound like your Mum or Gran preaching about the joy of thermals, but if you struggle to stay warm in the winter months then seriously treat yo self to some thermals. 


I used to be the girl who wore ballet flats all year round, I'm pretty sure I even wore them in snow once [I know, I know]. I've never been a big lover of boots until the ankle/Chelsea style came in a few years ago and for me, they're the easiest to style and I still feel like myself when wearing them. Whilst calf and thigh high boots look awesome on other people for me and my style they just don't look right. Boots are the easiest way to wear cold weather appropriate/waterproof footwear whilst still looking well styled. 



What are your favourite A/W style pieces?

R x

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