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There is no doubt about it, going to bed is my favourite thing in the world. So of course, when you love something as much as I love going to sleep you have to incorporate your other loves into it. Because what's better than getting to do all your favourite things at once? Sometimes using beauty products can be a little laborious but there are some products that work their magic overnight and they do all the hard work for you, all you have to do is slather it on. I regularly switch up the products I use overnight but here is my current overnight beauty menu.


My bedside table used to be stacked high with notepads, to-do lists, cross stitch projects, balls of wool and numerous other things. And there was absolutely no need for those things to be there. If it's possible, try and keep your space clutter free so you don't go to bed looking at things that you could be doing as it's not very peaceful for your brain. My bedside table is where I like to keep some of my loved things like special cards and trinkets as well as a whole host of beauty products. And now the main space is free for things like my phone and my glasses to be kept when I go to sleep. I've also recently started to pick up flowers every now and again as a treat and it's been so lovely having them on my bedside table as who doesn't like waking up to fresh blooms? Of course, it's a total luxury to have them there but every so often it's a lovely treat. 


DR JART WATER FUSE SLEEP MASK*: This is an overnight skincare option that I've used for years, it's the gift that doesn't stop giving [always a good thing when you love a product]. More often than not overnight hydrating masks can be sticky and heavy on the complexion as well as making a mess all over your pillow but this different. It's a gel formulation which makes it feel incredibly light on the skin and even though it sinks in quickly you can still feel the hydrating benefits [due to the hyaluronic acid]. And whenever I use this my skin always looks plump and healthy the morning after, it's a good night's sleep in a tube. 

CLARINS COMFORT LIP OIL*: I remember this product making the rounds on blogs a while ago and I was always curious to how it would work as surely an oil would be slippery and a hassle to apply. This is incredibly thick in consistency, it reminds me a little of honey. And due to the packaging and the doe foot applicator it actually makes it incredibly easy to apply, I daresay you could even do it on the go. It feels incredible on the lips too, not sticky or tacky. Just like the name suggests it's comforting. Oh and the smell, you know that glorious vanilla cake like smell that the majority of Clarins lip products have? It takes a serious amount of self-control not to just lick it all off as soon as you've applied it. 

PEARL DROPS BEAUTY SLEEP*: In the summer I started triailing a few whitening products for my teeth and even though they aren't in terrible condition they could stand to be a little brighter. One of my favourites was the PD Beauty Sleep Serum*, after you brush you apply a small amount of this all over the teeth and allow it work overnight. So often whitening treatments can be too harsh and cause sensitivity but this option is a lot more gentle. After a few months of solid use I've definitely noticed a difference and my teeth don't feel sensitive at all. As well as being harsh to sensitive teeth and gums so often whitening treatments can a hassle but as you only need to apply this overnight it takes all the effort out of it. 

CLARINS HAND & NAIL TREATMENT*: I'm terrible at remembering to apply hand cream during the day but I always make sure I slather my mitts in it when it comes to the PM. The latest one to join my bedtime beauty menu has been this classic from Clarins [seriously having a moment with Clarins here can you tell?]. And whilst I know there are other options out there at a cheaper price point that are just as good I really do like this one. It's nourishing enough to feel comforting on the hands but it's not so heavy that you can't touch anything for an hour afterwards. Not only is it designed to nourish your hands but it also targets nails which is a big plus when you're a serial nail painter like I am and your nails could do with a little bit of extra TLC. 

FRANK LIP BALM*: The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream was a staple on my bedside table for years and this is very similar to that in its formulation. This is a thick balm that once applied to the lips leaves a satin finish [which would make it perfect for going underneath matte lip options]. Before the Clarins lip oil came into my life this was my go to overnight lip option as any dryness was alleviated within minutes. Balms like this are an absolute staple in the winter months for me as the harsh winds aren't too pleasant for anyone's lips to deal with. If you're an outside runner too then balms like this are awesome because they create a barrier between the wind and your lips. 

What are your favourite overnight beauty products?

R x

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