September In Beauty


-this post contains PR samples-

I went into September feeling fresh and full of excitement as even though I’ve been out of education for seven years I still get that back to school feeling that the vast majority of us love. And I’m happy to say that I’m coming out of the month feeling the exact same way and I’ve got some great new beauty products in my rotation as well as two rediscoveries that I’m excited to share with you today.


pixi t-zone peel off mask (gifted)

Earlier in the year, I became obsessed with peel-off masks, not only do they make the removal of a face mask incredibly satisfying when it’s typically the worst part of using a mask but they often give instant results too. This month I’ve been trying out this mask from Pixi and not only is it that fun peel off formulation but it’s a pearlescent light green colour too which makes it even more enjoyable to slick on in an evening. On the tube and directions, it says this is just designed for the t-zone but I have used it all over the face and it’s been fine, I will say though DO NOT get this anywhere near your eyebrows otherwise you’ll give yourself a free wax. That being said though, it’s not at all drying on the skin and once I peel it away I’m left with a smooth and soft complexion. A simple and easy to use mask, with a wonderful list of ingredients that gets rid of any impurities that might be lurking deep within the skin.


hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel (gifted)

We all know that I’m not crazy about brows and doing mine fills me with very little enthusiasm. However, a product that makes the process a lot more enjoyable is this little tube of wonder from Hourglass and I’m now on my second one which is saying something as typically I’m not that loyal to brow products. Coming from Hourglass it’s pricey but it’s so worth the investment especially if you have unruly or in my case severe sad eyebrow syndrome. This keeps the brows in place without any unsightly crisping and it feels comfortable too, you can still feel some sort of product but it’s nothing too bad. I’ve used the clear one which is brilliant for maintaining the shape of your brow but as of right now I’m using the tinted one which is perfect for filling in any sparse areas as well as holding them into shape.


Drunk elephant c firma day serum (gifted)

Drunk Elephant is a brand that I have heard so much about that it’s impossible for any beauty lover to not at least have some interest in the popular brand. I’ve been giving a couple of the serums a whirl in the past couple of weeks and I have to say, they are brilliant and if you have got the funds then I highly recommend looking into them. First up is the C-Firma Day Serum which contains a potent vitamin C, vitamin E pumpkin extract and many more wonderful ingredients and the combination of them all has been doing my complexion wonders. Things are not only brighter but they feel so much smoother too which is something I find difficult to maintain with my skin especially if a breakout erupts. Formulation wise it very much feels like an oil but it doesn’t leave the complexion feeling slippery and sinks in quickly for my moisturiser to go over the top and it creates a beautiful moisture sandwich. If you read my post on my current breakout busters then it feels and gives similar results to the Dr Roebuck serum that I mentioned in that post despite having completely different ingredients.


zoeva 104 buffer brush (gifted)

I’ve been a long-time lover of the Zoeva makeup brushes, they’ve been my go-to for years now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. And for the last few years when it came to my foundation I’ve been using the Zoeva Silk Finish brush which is also fantastic but that's not been giving me best results lately so I think it might be time to replace it but this one is still going strong. The 104 buffer brush is a large dense flat-topped brush that blends in any type of base I have with absolute ease and despite its size, it still gets into all the contours of the face beautifully. All too often brushes that are this dense can soak up base products but that isn’t the case with this and it’s incredibly easy to wash too. Many have jumped ship to beauty sponges in recent years but I’m still loyal to brushes and I think I always will be a brush lover.


drunk elephant t.l.c framboos glycolic night serum (gifted)

This is the second Drunk Elephant serum that I’ve been giving a go and if your skin agrees with glycolic acid then you’re going to love this. Even though I’ve been a user and lover of this particular acid for a long time it took my skin a little while to get used to how potent this serum is as it’s not just glycolic acid and it contains a beautiful blend of AHA and BHA’s. So if you’re only just getting into this type of skincare I would go easy when using this as it’s strong and of course, use SPF in the AM. As this is so strong it means that the results are noticeable quickly and I have to say the clarity of my skin at the moment is great as the blend of acids scrubs away at the dead skin cells to reveal a brighter complexion. And I think for the first time I’ve not had my usual monthly hormonal spot which has to be down to the skincare that I’m using over any other changes.

what are your beauty favourites from the month?

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