Breakout Busters


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Apart from the couple of monthly hormonal spots that erupt on my chin, I’m happy to say that large painful to touch breakouts seem to be a thing of the past for me. Which I’m so incredibly thankful for, one of the reasons that this blog exists is because I was suffering from cystic acne and was so desperate to try and get rid of it. So to say I’m generally spot-free over 8 years later and that is not something I ever thought I’d be writing. And whilst I am generally spot-free I do have a few products that I like to turn to when I can feel one about pop and the line up looks a little something like this.



Serum isn’t something I find myself all that fussy with, typically I like something brightening or hydrating but that’s about it. And to be honest it’s been a few months since I’ve used something that has truly wowed me but this product from Aussie brand Dr Roebucks has really impressed me and I’ll be super sad when I get to the end of it as even though it’s not directly targeted for fighting spots it seems to be incredibly good at keeping them at bay. This product would be ideal for a city dweller but even as a countryside girl I’m certainly reaping the benefits of it and the clarity of my complexion is the best it’s been in months and it has to be down to this. It’s a beautiful gel serum which is one of my preferred formulations as it always feels cool and refreshing which is ideal if your skin is a little sore or aggravated. The ingredients list is utterly fantastic, myramaze which strengthens the skin, moistures and helps cells to live longer. Then blueberry extract to boost radiance, aloe vera which is a fail-safe skin soother and the list is endless. Once I’ve used up the rest of the serums in my bathroom cabinet I’d happily repurchase this as it is brilliant.


I’ve used Pixi Glow Tonic for maybe seven or so years now, I’ve tried out other glycolic acid toners in that time but I’ll always come back to this as it’s the best for day to day. I used to use it AM & PM but as of right now I’m just using it in the evening and that appears to be working brilliantly at keeping my skin looking clear and feeling fresh without the need for a regular scrub as I do prefer chemical exfoliants over manual ones generally. Glycolic acid is an AHA and it’s a naturally occurring substance and it works at gently removing the dead skin cells from the skin without being super harsh or aggressive so there isn't the worried of broken capillaries when using a chemical exfoliant. It’s not an obvious spot fighter and certainly does help a lot with breakouts but what I love this the most for is how well it deals with any scarring or discolouration. My skin can mark quite easily when I have had a breakout otherwise but with this even really old breakout scars have gradually faded and lightened. As well as containing the wonder ingredient which is glycolic acid it also contains the likes of aloe vera, ginseng, and glycerin which feel incredible on the skin.



This is a brilliant two in one from Clinique and something I use every week or so as it’s a good all-rounder for keeping the skin looking and feeling fresh. Clay masks are a staple in my routine for helping get any impurities out from deep within as I know when I’m not on top of using clarifying products I typically get a few whiteheads. You can either use this as a manual scrub or leave a fine layer all over the skin or where you feel you need it the most which for me is around my nose and chin. Typically I have a love-hate relationship with clay masks as I find they can often be drying and harsh to the skin or they can set down so hard that they’re an absolute nightmare to remove but that isn’t an issue when using this. Like all face masks, I prefer to apply this with an old flat foundation brush as it makes application so much easier and I find that gives me the perfect amount of product on the skin for it to work but not to become to crater-like. And what is different about this compared to anything else I’ve used is that it turns light blue when it's ready to be removed so you don’t have to wait for that uncomfortable cracking feeling to arrive.


Another clay mask that I adore is this beautiful product from Origins. Upon first use, it doesn’t feel like your traditional clay mask but it works wonders on a congested and dull-looking complexion. I find this a little more gentle on the skin than the Clinique one even that isn’t rough at all this is just that touch kinder with the rose clay and Canadian willowherb working its magic. And it’s an absolute breeze to remove, I use a flannel soaked in warm water and it gets this off so easily so you don’t have to battle with a flannel trying to get rid of a super dry mask. Much like the previous option this does have some exfoliating benefits from the jojoba beads that feel so gentle whilst they scrub away any dead skin cells that are hanging around. After I’ve used this I always find not only does my skin look a lot clearer but it always feels so much smoother too so it’s a great option if you have an event coming up and want a good pick me up for the night or morning before as despite it being a purifying mask it doesn't leave you with a face full of spots afterwards.


what are your favourite spot fighters at the moment?

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